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Wisconsin Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Employees may file for Unemployment Benefits during a furlough. Eligibility and benefit amounts are determined by Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development. To learn more about eligibility and how to file a claim please visit the links below.

Department of Workforce Development – Unemployment Benefits

Apply for UI Online

Apply for UI via Phone (Monday – Friday 7:35 AM – 3:30 PM): 1-844-910-3661

Unemployment COVID-19 Public Information

Intermittent Furlough

  • Employees will continue to accrue vacation and sick leave at their normally scheduled rate. You will receive holiday pay provided that the holiday does not coincide with your identified furlough day.
  • Employee health and supplemental benefit plan deductions will continue through regular payroll processing. There will be no change in coverage levels.

Consecutive Day Furlough (Targeted)

  • Employees will continue to accrue vacation and sick leave at their normally scheduled rate. Employees will not receive holiday pay for holidays that occur during the furlough.
  • Employee health and supplemental benefit plans may continue at the employer contribution rate even when the employee is not in paid status. You will be enrolled in benefit billing if you are scheduled to be on furlough for one or more payroll periods. Employees should complete and submit the Furlough Selections Form to Human Resources ( prior to going on Furlough. If you do not submit a Furlough Selections Form prior to your furlough beginning you will be enrolled in benefits billing.

Paying for your benefits on furlough if furloughed for one or more pay periods.

  • You have the option to have benefit deductions prepaid through payroll prior to starting your furlough.
  • You may utilize sick leave credits to pay for health insurance premiums while on consecutive furlough. Sick leave credits cannot be used to pay for supplement plan premiums. You will be billed for these premiums. If you elect to use sick leave credits to pay for your health insurance and you are enrolled in Income Continuation Insurance this could affect your premiums and / or elimination period during the next annual evaluation period.
  • You may opt to pay for all benefits via benefit billing. 
  • You may opt to lapse your coverage while you are on furlough. To reinstate benefits you must complete and submit an application to Human Resources for processing within 30 days of your return from furlough.

All benefits billing payments must be received by the 10th of the month by UW Shared Services. All payments should be mailed directly to UW Shared Services. The Human Resources Department is unable to accept and process these payments.

For more detailed information regarding your benefits during furlough please visit:

Recording Furlough Time in HRS

All employees are required to enter furlough time taken in the HRS system. Employees that are on a Consecutive Furlough of 30 days or more will not need to enter furlough hours into the HRS system. Human Resources will complete this entry.

University Staff Employees (Paid Bi-Weekly)

Furlough time entry should be completed on your biweekly timesheet. All regular payroll entry and furlough entry are due on the same date as regular payroll entries.

Academic Staff/Limited (Paid Monthly)

Furlough time entry should be completed on the new biweekly timesheet for monthly employees. All hours worked and the furlough entry must be completed for any week the employee is furloughed.

Employees that are on an Intermittent Furlough are limited to one 8 hour furlough day per bi-weekly period and may only work a maximum of 32 hours within the week they are furloughed. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Regular monthly leave reports are still due on our regular reporting deadlines.  Employees that have only used Furlough Leave should report No Leave Taken.

Payroll Approvals – Furlough (For Supervisors Only)

All approvals should be made on a bi-weekly basis based on the currently established bi-weekly payroll period.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the furlough process regarding benefits or payroll processing please do not hesitate to contact contact Amy Chostner.

For a list of useful resources, please visit the Human Resources furlough page.



Frequently Asked Questions - Faculty and Staff

In response to the State of Wisconsin “Safer at Home” order, UW-Parkside has closed all buildings and is limiting access only to employees whose presence is essential to the continuity of operations. Classes for the remainder of the spring semester will be conducted online and through a limited number of other alternative delivery methods.

Yes, in times of emergency, employees must remain flexible to ensure that the work gets done and you may be asked to do work outside of your normal duties.

An official quarantine may only be imposed by an authorized governmental body such as a local public health authority. Isolation is the separation of a person who either has or has been exposed to a communicable disease.

Facilities Management

Classrooms/art studios/computer lab spaces on campus will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected by the Facilities Management custodial staff team once per day. Classroom/art studio/lab spaces on campus will have a supply of cleaning supplies, paper towels and gloves in them for people to use to clean their seating or instructional area between room uses. Facilities Management will monitor and replenish the supplies in these spaces as needed.

Science laboratory (lab) spaces on campus will be cleaned and disinfected by lab safety personnel within the college that operates the lab space. Each lab and piece of lab equipment will be cleaned and disinfected in accordance with the operational safety guidelines specific to it.

While hand sanitizer remains short supply, the campus is making arrangements to have hand sanitizer stations available in public areas around the campus. The stations will be generally located in high traffic public areas, but may not be on every floor of every building on campus.

The stockroom on campus does stock small desktop pump bottles of hand sanitizer and will continue to do so as supply allows.

Departments/offices can order cleaning supplies and PPE via the normal stockroom requisition process. Supplies will be delivered to the areas that request them. Please do not come to the stockroom to pick up supplies. 

At this time the supply chain for cleaning supplies and PPE remains constricted. We must be good stewards of the supplies we have. As a result, FM may change any supply requisition based on currently supplies and availability.

All supply order are chargeable. Departments should keep track of their respective order expenses as part of the pandemic expense tracking.

Departments/offices can make requests for clear barriers and other physical space modifications using the TMA work order request portal. Select “Submit an Estimate Request” from the left banner menu and fill out the request form online. A Facilities Management staff member will meet with the requestor to determine space modification needs and develop a solution.

At this time the supply chain for certain materials needed to created barriers is constricted. We must be good stewards of the supplies we have. Departments are encouraged to explore a number of creative, but effective solutions to creating physical barriers or making other modifications to their space.

All space modifications are chargeable. Departments should keep track of their respective space modification expenses as a part of pandemic expense tracking.

Travel Updates

Travel is not allowed to be booked before August 31, 2020.

Yes, if you’re traveling internationally, please reference the International Travel Coverage web page. Europ Assistance travel protection, and Chubb Identity Theft Protection is offered for all employee international travel. It’s your responsibility to download and print the cards, and to carry the card while traveling. CISI insurance is required for all students traveling internationally, and highly recommended for employees traveling internationally. Please work with your institution’s Dean of Students office.

This will vary by campus, please refer to your institution’s guidelines.

For purposes of the interim guidance, essential travel is defined as supporting activities that are absolutely necessary, cannot be rescheduled, and must be done in person. Each institution has appointed institutional leadership that can approve essential and necessary travel.

Your ticket will remain on file for future use with Fox, and you can still be reimbursed for the purchase of the ticket.

Yes, as with all travel, you should discuss travel plans with your supervisor since travel is dependent upon department/intuitional funding and approval.

Yes, all University tickets are non refundable (our policy does not allow the purchase of refundable tickets). Some airlines are cancelling routes (routes to China were the among the first to be cancelled) and if an airline decides to cancel a route, and not rebook you, they often will refund the ticket (that was non refundable) since the airline is no longer able to meet the obligation of the service that was purchased.

Yes, please note the Coronavirus concern/reason on your expense report.

Yes, you can be reimbursed. Some airlines are providing waivers due to the Coronavirus, so once you are ready to reuse, work with a Fox agent to determine if there might be any waivers in place.

We recommend waiting. This is a very rapidly changing situation and each institution will likely be updating guidance as we better understand the longer-term impacts and how to best use the institutions unused airline tickets on file.

Yes, Fox World Travel is helping us manage our unused tickets (tickets on file for future use) and we will continue to monitor balances over the upcoming weeks. This is a benefit to the UW System’s managed travel program.

It depends. If you booked online and cancel online, there is no additional fee. If you booked online and call an agent to cancel, there is a $10 fee. There is no fee if you booked with an agent and call an agent to cancel.

Yes, normal Fox agency ticketing fees apply.

No, except for the travel health insurance purchased through the UWS contract with Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI), which includes some travel insurance. Most trip insurance, including insurance purchased through CISI, does not cover epidemic/pandemic situations or "cancel for any reason.”

Unfortunately no, per IRS guidelines and our Accountable Plan, only University/business related travel can be paid (or reimbursed) with University funds.

Your campus’ Dean of Student office would be the best point of contact to determine if institutional funds are available.

Yes, however Fox is working with our preferred airline carriers to waive fees when possible and is also tracking all of the current change fee waivers that are issued by airlines (and changing daily). 

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