RANGER RESTART: Updates, resources, and FAQs

Welcome to the 2020-21 Academic Year!


Dear Rangers,

Welcome to the 2020-21 academic year and start of the Fall 2020 semester at UW-Parkside!  On behalf of the faculty and staff, we wish you the very best as you pursue your academic goals as a member of the UW-Parkside learning community. While this academic year is significantly different as a result of the ongoing pandemic and the transition of most classes, programs and services to a virtual setting, our mission remains the same - to provide you with high-quality educational programs, creative and scholarly activities, and services responsive to our diverse student population and our local, national, and global communities.

UW-Parkside's core values of academic excellence, student success, diversity and inclusion, and community engagement guide us as we deliver our mission and support you on your pathway to a University degree. These values are embedded into our curriculum, our programs, our services and our interactions with one another. Our faculty and staff believe in you and want your learning experience to be truly rewarding and transformative both inside and outside of the classroom.

Dignity and respect are foundational characteristics of the UW-Parkside learning community and core to how we engage with one another.  Diversity extends beyond race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, age, socio-economic status, and religion to include diversity of thoughts, perspectives, and views.  It is through education that we open our minds to different perspectives and begin to see the world in new ways.  At UW-Parkside we will continue to engage in open and frank conversations as we wrestle with and learn more deeply about today’s complex social issues.  We will not always agree with one another, but we can and should demonstrate respect for our diverse perspectives.   

As we begin the Fall semester, the health and safety of our campus community are of utmost importance as we work to reduce the spread of COVID-19. For this to work, we all must do our part by:

  • Practicing the 3 Ws
    • Wearing your mask / face covering
    • Watching your distance
    • Washing your hands
  • Monitoring for symptoms daily
  • Staying at home or in your residence hall / apartment if you are not feeling well
  • Calling the Student Health & Counseling Center at 595-2366 to discuss your symptoms with one of the medical providers

Please review the COVID-19 Supplement in your Student Handbook for additional information and visit the Ranger Restartwebsite regularly for up-to-date information related to our response to COVID-19.  

Stay safe, stay healthy, and GO RANGERS!


Dr. Debbie Ford                    Dr. Tammy McGuckin

Chancellor                               Vice Provost for Student Affairs & Enrollment

Previous Updates

Updated Information On Residence Hall Move-In Days


Residence Hall Students:

As we focus on the start of a new academic year we find ourselves filled with emotions over the police officer involved shooting of Jacob Blake and subsequent events in our local Kenosha community. The shooting this past Sunday and the protest that followed continue to point our learning community to the important work that needs to be done to eliminate racial inequality and social injustice that exists within our society. It is important and necessary that there be a full and complete investigation, accountability, and a continued break down of barriers that prevent equality and justice for all. The violence, destruction, and civil unrest in our greater community does not reflect the values of our UW-Parkside living and learning community as Chancellor Ford shared in her message to the campus.

Though our campus is situated outside the immediate area of the unrest we continue to monitor events closely and receive continual updates from local and state officials. The safety and security of every member of our campus community and property is a top priority. As you may be aware a 7PM curfew has been issued for Kenosha County. Due to the curfew UW-Parkside Housing & Residence Life has made some adjustment to our Move-In Days.

Move-In Days 

Residents are required to sign up for a move-in day and time. This will assure plenty of social distancing as residents move-in. Masks are required at all times. Students can use one cart, at your discretion. No guests are allowed in the buildings. Guests will remain outside the building and by the drop off vehicle.

Click the link below to sign up for a date and time to move into the residence halls

Move-In Days on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday will be from 8AM-6PM in the Student Center Parking Lot. Move-In will be completed using a drive through method, as there are no guests allowed in the buildings. Please arrive via car at the Student Center Parking Lot (A). Housing and Residence Life staff will welcome you to campus to the right of the Student Center by the “Bus Stop”. You will receive your move in packet

Expanded Move-In Days on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday will be during office hours as listed below. Residents will pick up their move in packet at the Office of Housing & Residence Life located in Ranger Hall room 36, which is located on the parking lot level

Supply List for Move-In

Additional items to bring, related to COVID-19:

  • 5-6 cloth face coverings to use so you always have a clean one.
    • Cloth face coverings should be rotated and washed frequently.
  • Thermometer
  • Sanitizing wipes
  • Portable hand sanitizer
  • Insurance Card
    • Ensure you understand your health insurance providers information, etc.

Vacuums and disinfecting supplies can be rented out at the Housing and Residence Life Office during business hours. We highly suggest you bring your own supply of disinfectants and a vacuum. 


If you are showing any symptoms of COVID-19 do not move into the residence halls, contact your healthcare provider and/or student health services to determine your next steps, once you have been given the all clear from your physician and/or student health services you may move in.

Antigen Testing 

It is anticipated that we will begin Antigen based COVID-19 Testing of all residence hall students the 2nd week of classes. Antigen testing of all residence hall students will continue bi-weekly.

Parking Permit

Parking Permits are available to purchase on line.

Residence Hall Community Standards

All residence hall students will be expected to abide by residence hall community standards which have been designed to support a healthy living environment during the COVID-19 pandemic. They include:


Students will be expected to wear masks in the residence halls except for in the privacy of their residence hall room, suite, apartment, when showering, and brushing teeth.

“Private Mask-Free Rooms” - If students are in a common space room with no one else in the room, they may take their mask off. Once another student enters the common space room, they must put the mask on.

Social Distancing

Students will be expected to physically distance at 6-foot intervals in all common residence hall areas.  

Physical Hygiene

Students will be expected to maintain a basic level of cleanliness in their residence hall rooms. Proper and frequent handwashing is expected. Sanitizing stations will be placed at various entry and exit locations for students use.

Students who fail to cooperate with the community standards identified by UW-Parkside Housing & Residence Life may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of their residence hall contract and/or suspension from the university. Every reasonable effort will be made to gain voluntary cooperation from a student before engaging in the formal disciplinary process.

Policies, Symptom Monitoring, and Health Expectations

Students are expected to self-monitor daily for COVID-19 symptoms. Any student who develops symptoms should contact Student Health & Counseling via on line/phone during normal business hours or the local health care system on evenings and weekends.

Students are highly encouraged to get the 2020-2021 flu shot

Quarantine and Isolation Spaces

“Isolation” and “quarantine” are two different ways residents may remove themselves from public shared spaces and we will use these terms differently depending on a student’s situation. We have created spaces for both “self-isolation” and “self-quarantine” in our residence halls.

Any student living on campus who tests positive for COVID-19, will be required to move to a self-isolation room on campus until they have been cleared medically to return to their permanent housing assignment and/or return home until they have been cleared medically to return.

Any roommate of a student who tests positive for COVID-19 will be required to move to a self-quarantine room on campus and monitor for symptoms for 14 days and/or return home until they are cleared

Meal delivery from Dining Services will be available for on-campus residents who are in self-isolation or self-quarantine.

Guest Expectations

Guests are not permitted in the residence halls except for those assisting the student during “Drop off Days.” No guests will be allowed in the buildings during “Move in Days.”

Residents within our Housing community are allowed as guests in your room, however, residence hall rooms may only have as many people in the room as its standard occupancy allows. (i.e.: two people per double room, 4 or 5 people per suite, 6 people per apartment). Any resident guest in a residence hall room, apartment or suite must be agreed upon by all roommates, suitemates, or apartment mates.

Travel Expectations

Students returning to UW-Parkside via international or domestic air travel must self-monitor daily for COVID-19 symptom using the Wisconsin Health Connectscreening tool. All students will move to their permanent assigned space. Please contact hosuing@uwp.edu if you need to arrive to campus outside the “Move In Days” schedule.

Personal air travel during the fall semester is highly discouraged and students may be required to self-quarantine and monitor symptoms for 14-days upon their return.

Per recommendations from public health officials, if a resident does travel outside their community or travels using confined means he/she should limit contact with non-household members for 14 days and monitor symptoms closely.

Deliveries, Mail, & Packages

Students who order food from an outside vendor (not including Dining Services) or other external deliveries will need to meet the delivery person outside of the residence hall. All mailed packages will be handled centrally through the Office of Housing and Residence Life. Mail will be available for pick up from 8-10PM at the Ranger Reception Desk or Pike River Suites. Mail and packages can be picked up in the Office of Housing & Residence Life during regular hours which are: 

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 8:00am-4:30pm
  • Tuesday, Thursday: 8:00am-7:00pm

Dining Services Information

Tables in all dining locations are socially distanced and marked as to the maximum capacity. 

Masks will be required within the Brickstone Grill & Eatery, The Encore, and Wyllie Market for service.

Dining Services Hours:

Brickstone Grill & Eatery              Wednesday, August 26, 2020      10AM-2PM

Brickstone Grill & Eatery              Thursday, August 27, 2020          10AM-2PM

Brickstone Grill & Eatery              Friday, August 28, 2020                10AM-2PM

Brickstone Grill & Eatery              Saturday, August 29, 2020           10AM-2PM

Brickstone Grill & Eatery              Sunday, August 30, 2020              10AM-2PM & 5-7PM

Brickstone Grill & Eatery              Monday, August 31, 2020             10AM-2PM & 5-7PM

Brickstone Grill & Eatery              Tuesday, September 1, 2020       10AM-2PM & 5-7PM


Fall Hours begin Wednesday September 2, 2020 

Brickstone Grill & Eatery                Monday-Friday 7:30AM-9PM,  Saturday/Sunday 10AM-2PM & 5-9PM

Wyllie Market                                  Monday-Friday 7:30AM-2PM

The Encore                                        Monday-Thursday 7:30AM-1:30PM


Please visit the Housing and Residence Life Website for up to date information. 


Steven Wallner
Dean of Students

Dear Rangers,

Campus sure has been quiet without you this summer! We are looking forward to welcoming many of you back to campus as well as welcoming new students to the UW-Parkside community in just a few short weeks. Our faculty and staff have been working hard since May to prepaare the campus for a successful Fall 2020 term.

I know this email is a bit long, but I encourage you to take the time to read it thoroughly. The information below outlines the expectations and protocols that have been put in place to help all of us have a safe and academically successful semester.

Ranger Restart Responsibility Pledge

As members of the UW-Parkside community, we must all play a part in preventing the spread of COVID-19. The Responsibility Pledge outlines protocols that must be followed in order to maintain a safe campus living and learning environment. Please review the pledge carefully and commit to protecting yourself, protecting others, and protecting the UW-Parkside community.

COVID-19 Educational Video

We have prepared a short, 5-minute video that provides information on how COVID-19 is spread and guidance on how to avoid contracting the virus. Please take a few minutes to watch the video before classes begin on September 2nd.

Before you Arrive to Campus

For those students who will be living on campus and/or attending in-person classes, please be sure you have the following:

  • A supply of disposable masks or 4-6 reusable/washable masks or face coverings. Masks/face coverings are required in all indoor public spaces, including classrooms and common areas in the residence halls, and are strongly encouraged outside when physical distancing is not possible.
  • A reliable thermometer for daily self-monitoring for COVID-19 symptoms. Prior to coming to campus or leaving your residence hall room/apartment each day, you are encouraged to use the WI Health Connect self-screening tool. You should stay home or remain in your residence hall/apartment if you are not feeling well. Contact the Student Health Center (595-2366) or your local health care provider for further guidance.


The Housing & Residence Life staff are busy preparing the buildings for your return. In order to provide a safe and healthy living and learning environment, a number of steps are being taken, including but not limited to, enhanced cleaning protocols, physical distancing of furniture in lobbies and common areas, and changes in guest policies. Move-In information and additional details can be found on the Housing website.

Dining Services

The Brickstone Grill & Eatery will be open with reduced hours beginning August 26th through September 1st. On September 2nd, the Brickstone will open with its regular operating hours as the primary dining venue. Other venues will have limited hours of operation. Seating in the Brickstone cafeteria will be reduced and spaced to ensure appropriate physical distancing. Grab & Go options will be expanded.

Buying Textbooks

You can order your textbooks and supplies online via the UWP Bookstore. Orders can be shipped to your home or picked up at the Bookstore and charges (including shipping fees) can be billed to your student account. You will need your Student ID number which can be found on your DARS in Solar to charge to your account. Visit the Bookstore website for updates on store hours and curbside pickup times.

Student Life

As I’m sure you’ve already guessed, student activities and programs will look very different this fall. Safe and physically distanced programs and activities are being planned by staff in Campus Activities & Engagement, OMSA, Residence Life, and other departments to keep you engaged and connected. Plans for promoting student organizations and supporting student leaders are also in the works. More information on these efforts will be shared soon.

The Student Center will also operate differently this semester. In order to accommodate as many in-person classes as possible given physical distancing requirements, the Cinema, Ballroom, and a number of the meeting rooms will be used as classrooms this Fall. In light of this, most student organization meetings and events will need to occur virtually. Events that do occur on campus must follow all health and safety guidelines including room occupancy limits and mask/face covering mandates.

Online Resources

For those of you looking to get a head start on the semester, check out the online resources and tutorials available on the Ranger Restart Student Resources page. You’ll find information about resources such as:

Canvas – our learning management system

NetTutor – a free online tutoring service available 24/7 

SilverCloud – a self-paced wellness program focused on reducing stress, anxiety, & depression

Student Success Resources – tips for succeeding online & advice from Parkside students

Title IX Update:

On Friday, August 14, 2020, updated Title IX regulations from the U.S. Department of Education went into effect. In response to the changes, UW-Parkside has made the necessary interim updates to applicable policies based on guidance from UW System. In the coming days, you can anticipate an email from UW-Parkside Title IX Coordinator, Tyler Lenz-Fisher, with more specific information about the regulations and links to important resources. 

UW-Parkside remains committed to ensuring all students, faculty, and staff feel safe and protected from sex discrimination, sexual harassment, stalking, dating/relationship violence and sexual assault. If you have questions or are looking for resources, please email titleix@uwp.edu or visit uwp.edu/titleix.

Ranger Restart Plan

Please be sure to visit the Ranger Restart website regularly. We are currently in the process of updating information as we transition from summer to fall.

Thank you for reading to the end of this important message! We will continue to monitor the local COVID-19 situation, follow guidance from the CDC and our local Public Health Officials, and update our campus protocols to provide you with the learning environment you’ve come to expect from UW-Parkside.

We look forward to engaging with you whether in-person or virtually very soon.

Stay safe, stay health, and GO RANGERS!


Dr. McG

Hello UW-Parkside Students,

This week’s What to Expect message outlines how UW-Parkside will support a healthy campus community during the fall semester and assist students who may be exposed to COVID-19. The protocols described below are based on current guidance from the CDC and our local county health departments. As we have seen up to this point with the pandemic, circumstances change and guidance is updated frequently. We commit to providing you with the most up-to-date information as it becomes available. We also want to share a short COVID-19 Health & Safety video recently released by the UW System

Before we get to the specifics, here are a few reminders from last week’s message:

  • The Ranger Restart webpage is updated regularly and provides answers to frequently asked questions and resources for a successful semester.
  • If you have questions or need assistance in making changes to your fall course schedule, contact your academic advisor immediately.
  • Classes for the Fall are set to start on Wednesday, September 2nd

I’m sure that many of you have questions about how we will be enforcing policies, what to do if students develop symptoms, and what processes are in place in the event that someone is required to isolate for a period of time. Everyone’s safety is paramount.

What does self-monitoring look like?

  • Everyone is encouraged to self-monitor each day before coming to campus or leaving their residence hall room using the Wisconsin Health Connect screening tool. 
  • It is imperative that during this pandemic, you do not ignore warning signs. If anyone is experiencing symptoms such as shortness of breath, fever, and cough, or other symptoms, even if they are mild, stay at home or remain in your residence hall room. Students are asked to contact the Student Health & Counseling Center by phone at 262-595-2366 for an appointment.

How will mask rules be enforced?

  • We are developing a robust public health campaign to reinforce our messages about masking, physical distancing, hand washing, and other health requirements.
  • Frequent verbal reinforcement and campus signage will help to remind everyone of these rules.
  • Intentional and/or repeated violations may be subject to the student misconduct process.

What should a student do if they develop symptoms? Who do they notify? What if it’s at night or on a weekend, will testing sites still be open?

  • If a student develops symptoms during business hours, they should contact the Student Health and Counseling Center by phone for screening and instructions, or contact their family healthcare provider. They should try to self-quarantine, practice good hygiene, sanitize high-touch or commonly used surfaces, and continue to monitor their symptoms until they can be evaluated by a provider for specific guidance.
  • After hours and on weekends students should contact a prompt care clinic or go to a local emergency room. Another option would be to use the Wisconsin Health Connect screening tool which will provide further guidance from a health professional.

Will COVID-19 testing be available on campus?

  • We are working with UW System and our local health partners to evaluate testing options and establish procedures for testing students through the Student Health & Counseling Center.

What is the process if a student in the residence halls tests positive?

  • Spaces will be set aside for isolation of residents if a student tests positive for COVID-19.
    • During isolation, students must stay in their relocated room until cleared to resume activities by a healthcare provider.
    • Students may be encouraged to return home for the isolation period if they are able to do so safely.
  • UW-Parkside will coordinate contact tracing in conjunction with Kenosha and Racine County Public Health to help identify those individuals who may have come into contact with anyone testing positive on the UW–Parkside campus.
  • The University is still finalizing plans for providing students with medical care and delivery of food service from the dining hall. We will update you as soon as these processes have been finalized.

What about isolation for students living off-campus?

  • The campus does not have the ability to provide isolation spaces for students who are not living in University Housing.
  • We recommend that these students speak with their roommates to develop, and agree on, how they will handle the situation if a roommate develops symptoms and/or has a positive COVID test.
  • Our off-campus students will have access to the Student Health and Counseling Center, and we will work with them, in cooperation with the local public health department, to conduct contact tracing.

How should a student handle their classes if they become ill?

  • Students will be in regular contact with their professors, as always, and will be able to notify them (or we will do so on their behalf) in the event they are too ill to participate in class activities. The instructor will work with the student to provide alternative ways to complete the work.
  • At the same time, we will conduct contact tracing and notify any person who might have been in contact with the student so that they can self-quarantine.

Once again, we are actively monitoring the situation as it develops and are trying to come up with the best response to it. If you have suggestions or concerns, please let me know. Ultimately, your health and safety are the most important things to us. It is important that you let us know immediately if you are not feeling well or if you feel like something is amiss. Remember that we are here to serve you.

Renee Kirby
Director-Student Health, Counseling, and Disability Services
kirby@uwp.edu | 262-595-2610


Important News - Governor issues new executive order

Last week, Governor Evers announced a new executive order mandating face coverings indoors or in enclosed spaces, other than at home. We know that face coverings are an effective tool in fighting COVID-19, and we encourage you to do your part in protecting the health and safety of your fellow Wisconsinites by wearing a face covering and encouraging others to do so.

Over the last month, Wisconsin has seen a surge in cases. This increase in cases cuts across the entire state with a significant majority of counties at high COVID-19 activity levels. Statewide action is necessary to protect the health and well-being of Wisconsinites.

Please see the press release for more details.

Hello UW-Parkside Students, 

I hope you are doing well and staying healthy as we adapt to the changes and challenges of the pandemic. Teams of faculty, staff and administrators have been working hard to prepare for a successful fall 2020 semester. I am sure that you have a lot of questions about what to expect when classes start, and we want to provide you with the most up to date information available. We continue to implement the “Ranger Restart” plan as we resume campus operations and are updating our website regularly. 

Many of you are probably wondering:  What provisions will be in place to flatten the curve of COVID-19? What’s going to be different this semester and what am I expected to do? How will my classes be delivered?  How will I participate in campus life? 

In short, we will be “open,” but things will look and work differently. We have not made decisions lightly and we will continue to monitor and respond to the situation as it develops. Please see below for additional information.

Health & Safety of the Campus Community 

Here are some important updates related to campus operations:  

  • Face coverings are required in all public spaces, including classrooms  
  • The Student Health Center will offer COVID-19 testing for symptomatic students 
  • We will be limiting visitors and guests on campus, including in the residence halls  
  • We will increase the cleaning and sanitization of classrooms and public areas  
  • We will not be hosting community events or performances during the Fall term in order to repurpose the Student Center Ballroom, Cinema, and Rita spaces for academic instruction 
  • Furniture across campus will be arranged to accommodate appropriate social distancing and we ask for your cooperation in not moving it  

Testing & Monitoring 

  • Everyone is encouraged to self-monitor each day before coming to campus using the State of Wisconsin Health Connect screening tool.
    • It is imperative that during this pandemic, you do not ignore warning signs. If you are experiencing symptoms such as shortness of breath, fever, cough, or other symptoms, even if they are mild, stay home or remain in your residence hall room.
    • Students are asked to contact Student Health Services by phone at 262-595-2366.  

As a member of the campus community, we ask that you do your part and remember the 3 Ws:

  • Wear a mask or face covering
  • Watch your distance
  • Wash your hands often


The semester beings on September 2nd and the deans have worked closely with faculty to develop a revised fall course schedule with 35% of courses being delivered in-person and 65% being delivered virtually. I encourage you to review your class schedule in Solar to see if any of the changes impact you.

There are two types of online courses being offered.

  • Traditional online (asynchronous) classes have regular due dates and assignments, but there are no scheduled class meeting times.
  • In scheduled online (synchronous) classes, students are expected to meet virtually with your instructors and classmates on set days at specific times. 

More information for students can be found on the Ranger Restart Student FAQ page. Students who would like to make changes to their schedule (e.g., add, drop, or swap classes) can do so through their Solar account. New students who may need a refresher on how to register for classes in Solar can watch this 4-minute registration video. If you need help with selecting other applicable courses or completing the schedule changes, please reach out to your advisor or schedule an appointment through Navigate.  

Housing & Residence Life 

Campus housing will be available this fall for those students who choose to live on campus. Face coverings will be required in all public areas and occupancy limits will be enforced in common spaces. Only assigned residents and staff will be allowed in the residence halls and university apartments. No guests will be allowed. The university has also established an isolation area for students who may need to be quarantined as a result of contracting COVID-19. 

Who to Contact

We encourage you all to keep checking the Ranger Restart page for further information. You can also engage with us on social media. And as always, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

  • If you have questions about housing or dining plans, email housing@uwp.edu
  • If you have questions about student life, email deanofstudents@uwp.edu
  • If you have questions about student health or counseling services, call 262-595-2366 or email shcc@uwp.edu.
  • If you have questions about disability services, call 262-595-2372 or email dss@uwp.edu.
  • If you have questions about COVID-19 testing/monitoring, email Dr. Renee Kirby, Director of Student Health, Counseling & Disability Services. 
  • If you have questions about international student services, email Karin Basken or Laine Philippa in the International Student Services/Study Abroad Office. 
  • If you have questions about Admissions, email admissions@uwp.edu.  
  • If you have questions about Financial Aid, email finaid@uwp.edu

Messaging and Town Halls

To help everyone feel prepared and at ease before the new semester begins, we will be communicating with you frequently with “What to Expect” messages and reminders. As the title suggests, each message will give students an idea of what to expect in reference to a different part of the campus experience: classes, student housing, academic support, campus life, Ranger Athletics, etc. The messages will be shared via e-mail.

In addition, we will be hosting a series of “Virtual Town Hall” meetings in August for students, faculty and staff, parents, and community members. Students and faculty/staff should watch for invitations via their email. We will share updates and provide an opportunity for participants to ask questions.

Here are the dates of the Student Town Hall Meetings:

  • Monday, 8/17/20, 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM
  • Tuesday, 8/18/20, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
  • Wednesday, 8/19/20, 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM

While this is a challenging time for everyone, we are focusing all of our energy and resources on providing you with a safe and supportive academic environment and campus community. 

As always, stay safe, and Go Rangers! 


Debbie Ford

Dear Rangers,

We hope that you managed to enjoy your spring break and got some much needed rest! We understand that many of you might be feeling anxious about the ongoing pandemic and the move to an online format for the rest of the semester, but we are committed to working with you to make it the best experience possible. 

While we will not be able to connect with you in person for a while, please know, we are with you. Continue to monitor your email, Midnight Ranger, and the UW-Parkside website for additional information as things develop. Additionally, please stay in contact with your professors who are working diligently to move course materials online and make necessary adjustments to their syllabi.

We encourage you to maintain your academic schedule as close to normal as possible for the remainder of the semester. While your courses will be online, that does not mean they are self-paced; you will still be responsible for participating in class discussions, submitting assignments on time, and following the syllabus. Watch for messages via email and Canvas from your instructors. 

Here are some online tools and services you should check out:

  • Navigate – a free app that puts important information, deadlines, advisor appointment scheduling, and more all in one place.
  • Canvas – most classes will be on Canvas, an easy-to-use learning platform.
    • Canvas Student Resources Course
    • Canvas Interactive Tutorial
  • NetTutor – free online tutoring for a variety of subjects, available 24 hours a day.
  • Parkside Academic Resource Center – online, drop-in peer tutoring available for math, writing, chemistry, and anatomy & physiology via Canvas. Online tutoring for additional subjects by appointment; schedule through Navigate. Visit the PARC website for more details and information.
  • UW-Parkside Library – the library is home to many online resources and tools. You can connect with a librarian using one of the options below:
    • Online chat
    • Email: askus@uwp.edu
    • Reserve a librarian for online appointments
  • Computer Help Desk (CTS Help Desk)
  • SilverCloud – free online program designed to help with anxiety, stress, and depression.

You can find other resources at uwp.edu/coronavirus. If you have more general questions, feel free to submit them to DeanofStudents@uwp.edu.

Given the Governor’s Safer at Home order which is currently in effect through April 24th, all campus buildings are closed until further notice with the exception of the residence halls for those students who have been approved to stay.

As we relaunch the semester, we are here to answer any questions you might have and support your success during the final seven weeks – Seven for Success!

Stay safe and stay healthy! Go Rangers!


Dr. Tammy McGuckin
Vice Provost
Student Affairs & Enrollment Services

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