Math Bridge is a required  math program for new and continuing students who could benefit from additional math support.  It is designed to help students build confidence AND mathematical skill.  The program is FREE.   

Students, with the help and support of the Math Bridge instructor, will work with an online tool called ALEKS.  Since the program is tailored to each participant and is self-paced, students may be able to complete the requirement before the actual end of the program.   No grades are given.

Math Bridge is offered prior to the start of fall and spring semester so that students can start right away in one of our college math course (Math 102, 104 or 111).     

Remember, students with a Math bridge placement must complete the program before starting their math class.



August 7th -31st


10 a.m. - 12 noon 


Moln 124


*Online option available for students in online degree programs.

Math Bridge saves time and money while building confidence and success.


Everyone need to take at least one college math course to graduate. Math Bridge eliminates the need to take any remedial math course  and allows all students, no matter what their placement,  to start in the math course designed for their meta major.  


Math Bridge has replaced our remedial math course, so the Math Bridge approach has saved you up to $1200!  Plus, Math Bridge program is FREE. 


Students who complete their math graduation requirement in their first year are more likely to graduate on time. Math Bridge is a great way to build on your math skills but to also build your confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

As part of the new student registration process, your academic advisor will talk with you about the program if it is a requirement. Continuing student will be contacted via email.  You can also find  your math placement on your Academic Advising Report. 

Math placement is based on GPA, Wisconsin Math Placement score, ACT Math score.  For transfer students, placement may be determined by previous college math coursework.

For more detailed information, check our placement website. 


If you placed into the Math Bridge program, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your participation in the upcoming Math Bridge program.  At your new student registration session, you will be given permission to register for the college level math course associated with your meta major.    Continuing students will need to get a permission number from their academic advisor to enroll in a math course.

Math Bridge participants will be asked to participate in additional support options throughout the semester as part of the program. Those options include: attending supplemental assistance hours, participating in tutoring through the Parkside Academic Resource Center or meeting with your faculty member during office hours. 

If you are unable to complete the Math Bridge prior to the start of the term, you will be administratively dropped from your math course and reenrolled in the next Math Bridge session.

If you are unable to attend due to other commitments, you have two options:

  • New students can several options. If you did not submit an ACT score, you can submit and request our office to re-review your placement. You could also could potentially retake the placement exam. Email for information on to sign up for the math placement exam or submit your ACT scores.
  • Complete a future Math Bridge session in either January or August. This will, however, delay when you can start in your college level math course.  This is not an issue for many programs but is not recommended for STEM, Nursing and Business programs. Talk with your advisor.

Yes, you will need a parking permit.  We will send more information about this at a later date. 

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide summer housing for Math Bridge participants.  If you have a housing contract, you can stay on campus for the winterim Math Bridge program.  Check with the housing office for information about whether there are any additional costs.

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