Math Move Up is a FREE four week summer math program for first year students who just missed placing in either Math 15 or Math 111. Math Move Up is a great opportunity to brush up on your math skills and get the support you need to be successful.

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July 30-August 24


8-9:40 am


8-9:40 am or 10:30 am-12:10 pm

Math Move Up saves you time and money while building confidence and success.


Did you know you need to complete Math 111 or Math 102 or Math 103 to graduate? Depending on your placement, you may need one or more lower level math courses before you can take the required course. Math Move Up will save you time, get you into the required course sooner and put you that much closer to graduation!


By eliminating one course, Math Move Up will save you up to $1200!  Not only does it cost you NOTHING to participate in Math Move Up, you actually save money on tuition costs in the long run.


Math Move Up participants have successfully completed the next level math course at a higher rate and with better grades than other students. Plus, students who complete their math requirement within the first year are more likely to graduate on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are an incoming First Year (freshman) student and (a) you placed into Math 10 after taking the Wisconsin Placement Test or (b) you placed into Math 15 and received an invitation to participate – you are eligible. Transfer students are not eligible to participate. If you have questions about your eligibility, please email

Yes. You will need to attend New Student Orientation (in June or July) prior to participating in Math Move Up. If you have not registered for Orientation, please click here.

If you are registered Math 15 Move Up, a permission number will be provided to you that will allow you to register for Math 111. If are registered Math 10 Move Up, a permission number will be provided to that will allow you to register for Math 15.

If you do not complete Math Move Up (meet attendance requirements and complete the daily assignments) the course that you registered for at Orientation will be administratively dropped and you will be registered for either Math 10 or Math 15.

You will receive the room location of your class in a reminder email (to your RANGER MAIL account) 3 business days before the start of Math Move Up.

Yes. You will be provided a parking permit free of charge on the first day of class.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide housing for Math Move Up participants.

Questions? Email us at

Register NOW!  Space is limited.

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