Transfer Requirements

Transfer applicants are given a comprehensive review for admission consideration. Academic factors for admission include the academic rigor of the completed college courses, the earned number of college transfer credits, individual course grades and collegiate cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or better. 

A transfer applicant's high school academic record, including curriculum, GPA, class rank and ACT or SAT score may also be considered when less than 24 semester transfer credits have been earned at the time of application. 


We will begin to accept applications on September 1st for the fall semesters and August 1st for spring semesters. Priority deadline is January 2nd for spring (February) admission and August 1st for fall (September) admission.   We strongly encourage transfer students to apply for admission as early as possible. 

Please Note: To be eligible for scholarships, students should be admitted by February 1st prior to fall enrollment. Scholarships are awarded for the academic year.

Transfer Policy 

Credits earned more than ten years prior to admission may be invalid. Grades of "I," "N," "F" are treated as attempted course work and are calculated with a grade of "F." Credits may be granted for post-secondary coursework at a foreign institution if it is recognized as a degree-granting institution by the authorities who supervise tertiary education in that country. 

A maximum of 72 credits will be accepted from two-year colleges, University of Wisconsin Colleges or other accredited junior colleges.


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