Angela Kretchmer

  • Majors: B.S., Political Science with a Minor in Criminal Justice

Why did you choose the University of Wisconsin-Parkside?

"My passion has always been to become a lawyer and, in order to do that, to go to law school, I needed to get a bachelor's degree."

What have you enjoyed most about the University of Wisconsin-Parkside?

"My advisor was the best part of my experience here."

"I entered as a sophomore because of my credits transferring in. I took winterims and summer sessions and was able to complete my degree in two years. During the summer, I took my classes online so that I could be with my four children and we could travel together."

What would you say to someone considering the University of Wisconsin-Parkside?

"In order to be successful, you need to be involved and learn who your professors are. All my professors knew who I was and they would say hi to me in the hall and we would have intellectual conversations. I had a common bond with my professors because they were of a similar age and going through many of the same things."

Angela Kretchmer
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