Robin Broughton

  • Hometown: Lake County, IL
  • Majors: B.A., Communication

Why did you choose Parkside?

"I met with the staff at Parkside and it fit for me, for my personality. They didn't judge me and appreciated my background. They told me I'd be a valuable asset to the professors and the classroom environment."

What have you enjoyed most about Parkside?

"I made so many friends that were students and professors. I was able to be involved in the class by giving presentations about my past work experience and felt I could give back to the younger students...I enjoyed the group work I did, as well as the research and presentations. I loved being part of a team environment."

What would you say to someone considering Parkside?

"It's live-changing. Working in corporate, I always had to learn a skill, a market, but I missed the theoretical style of learning. Now I analyze and take a more critical look. It helps me stand up for my beliefs and feel confident because I have the knowledge to back them up. I have a much broader view of the world."



Robin Broughton
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