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The Venture Parkside Fund is an open competition for all enrolled UW-Parkside students who have ideas and want to develop them.  Your idea can be for a product, an app, a service, something of social value and much more.  If you wish to develop your idea and receive funding and support for your project from our campus community please consider applying to the Venture Parkside Fund. 

To apply for the fund, create a proposal that contains the following items (save the proposal in Word or PDF). 
  • Title of Project 
  • Name and contact information of Applicants 
  • Name of Faculty Mentor 
  • Department(s)/Major(s) Represented 
  • Product or Service Description
    Please provide a brief, non-technical description of the product or service.  Include any digital information, videos, graphics etc., which can help better describe the product or service. Is there any existing intellectual property attached to the idea/product or other properties of this project? 
  • Value Proposition and Market
    Describe the benefits of product or service. Who will this help? Who is your market? 
  • Financial Model
    Estimate the expected annual revenue and expenses associated with your product or service. In addition, project the startup costs of the business and highlight the costs to get you to the next stage. 
  • Request for funds (minimum $500 and maximum $1500).
    How will funding from the Venture Parkside Fund be used to benefit the idea/product? 
  • Faculty Member’s Role
    Explain the faculty member’s involvement in the project. 
  • Previous Funding
    Has this idea/product and or other aspects of it been previously funded by other entities? 
In addition, we encourage you to contact the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) located at UW-Parkside prior to submitting your proposal. The SBDC advises small businesses in Racine and Kenosha.

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