Nonprofit Breakfast



Friday, May 3  |  UW-Parkside Student Center Ballroom

Please join us for this free event to recognize our current community-based learning partnerships and encourage networking with Parkside faculty for potential future projects. 




7:15am - Registration Opens

7:45am - Welcome

8:00am - Awards

8:20am - Networking

9:00am - Keynote 

9:50am - Closing Remarks

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Keynote Speaker: Katie Morrow, Loving Venti

Generative AI for Fundraising

AI isn't just for sci-fi movies anymore; it's real, and it is here. If you can't decide whether AI is a cool futuristic tool or a robot plotting to take your job, take a breath. AI has potential, especially when it comes to grant writing and fundraising. Whether you're dipping your toes into the AI pool for the first time or a seasoned enthusiast, this session's got you covered. We'll dive into best practices, tips and tricks, and hands-on applications. It doesn’t matter if you are part of a big team or a solo fundraiser, AI's ready to be the coworker you never knew you needed. This session will spark curiosity and boost your confidence in using AI for fundraising and grant writing.



  • Grasp best practices for molding AI to craft usable content. 
  • Understand how to infuse AI with your unique writing style, industry terms, and jargon. 
  • Discover what generative AI is and which programs are best for content creation. 
  • Master AI for fundraising, including efficient and effective grant writing, newsletters, donor thank yous, and social media posts. 

Katie Morrow began her fundraising journey as a development intern for a large nonprofit. Over the years, she's worn many hats, from Development Director and grant writer to grant coordinator and administrator. Today she can be found writing grants - lots of them - for Loving Venti as a content writer. Passionate about tech and efficiency, Katie's fully embraced the AI era, writing hundreds grants and pieces of content (heck, AI might've crafted this entire description!). She has taken many trainings on AI uses for content, is working on a certificate in Prompt Engineering, and dedicates probably too much time to the AI subreddit. 

HRM 441 Fire Department Partnership
COMM 258 Candid


Kenosha Fire Department Diversity & Recruitment:

UW-Parkside is proud to partner with Kenosha Fire Department on their goal to develop and implement recruiting strategies to increase the diversity of applicants to the department. Students in Dr. Gundala’s MBA 753 Integrated Marketing Communications and Dr. Ajaiyeoba’s HRM 441 Strategic Staffing courses worked with Ezekiel Thompkins and members of KFD Diversity & Recruitment Committee to offer ideas and recommendations to foster a more inclusive workforce.


Wisconsin Latinx History Collective Oral History Project:

Since spring of 2021, community-based learning students in Dr. Anjuli Brekke’s COMM 258 Podcasting course have captured the oral history of local Latinx community members. In collaboration with Dr. Andrea-Teresa Arenas and the Wisconsin Latinx History Collective, the podcasts are shared with the Wisconsin Historical Society as part of their effort to document the Latinx history of Wisconsin. 


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