Crimes that disproportionately affect women include sexual violence—rape—and domestic violence. According to the 2016 National Crime Victimization Survey, roughly one in four rapes and sexual assaults (23.2%)were reported to the police. In 2017, 50 Kenosha County and 54 Racine County women& were documented as victims of rape. Whereas the most common age group of rape victims in Kenosha County were young adults (18-22 years old), the most common age group of rape victims in Racine County were in their late teens (15-17 years old). Most reported rapes in 2017 occurred at a residence/home (Kenosha County [80.4%], Racine County [79.6%]) and frequently involved no weapons (Kenosha County [96.1%], Racine County [37.0%]).

Racially, most rape victims and offenders were White however, Black people were disproportionately represented as victims and offenders of rape from 2013 to 2017 comparative to the Black populations of Kenosha County and Racine County.

The perpetrators of rape in 2017 were exclusively male in Kenosha County and Racine County (one reported rape involved a female), with most offenders in their mid-thirties (30-39 years old), who knew (not family-related e.g., acquaintance, employee/employer, neighbor) their victim. Rape arrest rates in 2017 for Kenosha County (14.3%) and Racine County (31.7%) are lower than for the state of Wisconsin (43.7%).

Peterson and her colleagues (2017) computed that the prevention of one female rape equates to an estimated lifetime social cost savings of 122,278 ($124,631 for males) after accounting for the criminal justice activities, lost work productivity, medical costs, among other costs.

Arrests for Rape

Information from 2017 Status of Women Report in Northeastern Wisconsin.

*Statistics for 2017 are not strictly comparable to earlier years. In 2013-2016, the number of rapes and the rate were for females only, while in 2017 the number and rate were for both males and females.

Sex Offenses

*Includes sodomy/oral sex and sexual assault w/object, and excludes fondling, incest, and statutory rape so that comparisons can be made to the UCR offenses while acknowledging that hierarchy rule. For instance, there are 15 sex offenses accounted for by NIBRS in 2017 that are not accounted in the UCR rape offenses, suggesting 15 incidences of a person being a victim of a combination of rape/sodomy/oral sex/sexual with an object, which the UCR counts as one collective incident.

Female Rape Victims

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