Health and Well-Being


Health is influenced by a range of factors that determine how long and how well we live, including health behaviors (tobacco use, diet and exercise, alcohol and drug use, sexual activity), clinical care (access to care, quality of care), social and economic factors (education, employment, family and social support, community safety), and the physical environment (air and water quality, housing and transit). 

Like our nation, there are meaningful differences in these factors among Wisconsin counties as well as among genders, and racial/ethnic groups. Kenosha County ranks 59th and Racine County ranks 61st out of 72 counties, for overall health outcomes including premature death and quality of life. Looking closer at quality of life, (poor or fair health, poor physical health days, poor mental health days, and low birthweight), Kenosha and Racine counties rank 65th and 68th, respectively.  

SOURCE: County Health Rankings, 2018, accessed 1/12/2019 

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