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Refer to the ALL Points Bulletin (APB), which is located on the "ALL News and Notes" page, for group meeting times, location, and other specifics.  (Updated December, 2017)

You may download an ALL Focus Groups pdf file to your computer.  (Posted December 5, 2017)


Dawn Feldman-Brown,

ALL-A-Bloom is a subject-interest group devoted to members’ interests in nature,  horticulture and exploration of area public and private gardens. The goal is to continue learning about horticulture from each other and from area experts. The group plans meetings and field trips.


Merrilee Unrath:
Linda Davis:

The ALL P.M. Book Club will alternate between selections of fiction and non-fiction, including general fiction, mysteries, science, and/or historical fiction, plus a variety of non-fiction books.  The only criteria are to read the book and be ready to enter into the conversation.  Meetings are usually the 2nd Monday of the month at 1 pm in Tallent Hall.  Meetings will not be held in June or December.


Ross Boone:  262.877.3164
or email Clarice Rohling:

The AM Non-fiction Book Club meets the 3rd Monday of the month in Tallent Hall at 9:30 am.  This group will focus on the non-fiction category.  A list of non-fiction books will be compiled for future discussion.  Everyone is welcome. 


Sy Adler, 262.877.3628. Cell:  708.785.4067,
Ted Anderson, 262.639.7863,

Meetings are held in the Tallent Hall Orchard Room at noon on the 3rd Mondays.  At these sessions we try to solve the problems of the day.  We search for solutions that seem to elude leading politicians, economists, and leaders in business, labor and education.  We attack local, state, national and international issues, all with equal gusto.  And we generate a better understanding of the issues due to the diversity of our participants.  Simply put:  we learn from each other.  Join our spirited discussions.


Patti Gross,

The Duplicate Bridge focus group has a lot of fun while learning to play and score a round for 2 or 3 tables, or learning how to use the Stayman Convention.  You do not need to have a bridge partner to join the group.  If you want to be dealt in,  email Patti to be included in our schedule.


Doris Nice:

The Great Books group gives members the opportunity to read examples of important writings and to participate in lively discussions.  A key component of the discussion is skillful listening.  Reading carefully, listening closely and occasionally offering thoughtful input creates an atmosphere where personal opinions and ideas flow quickly and freely.  The group reads shorter selections compiled in one book.  Meetings are in Tallent Hall at 9 am on the fourth Monday of the month.  We take turns leading the discussions.  Everyone is welcome.


Therese Constant,

Great Decisions began late in 2007 when the Education Study /Futures  Committee was reclassified as a focus group. Developed by the Foreign Policy Assn. in  1954, the Great Decisions Discussion Program is the oldest and largest  grass-roots world affairs educational program of its kind in the country. Members purchase a study guide booklet each year and attend eight monthly meetings February through September, usually on the 2nd Wednesday, 1 - 2 pm.  For more information about the upcoming series, download this ALL Focus Groups pdf.


Nat Cycenas:  262.633.4408,

The office of International Student Services invites ALL members to participate in the NEW Cultural Connection Program (CCP) for the 2017-2018 academic year!  The program pairs UW-Parkside international and exchange students with members of the community.  The CCP is a great opportunity to foster relationships with incoming international students and make them feel welcome at UW-Parkside and in the USA.  As a host you share culture, tradition and favorite things/pastimes with the student, as the student's role is to share the same with you!  This program aims to provide opportunity to develop mutually beneficial relationships through interacting and engaging with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.  Apply to become a CCP host.  Applications are available online:     For more details, download the ALL Focus Groups pdf file using this link.


Doreen DeCesaro
Terese Zinn 414.708.0851

The coordinators plan hikes to start in May and usually begin at 10 am and go until about 11:30 am.  Afterwards the group often gathers for lunch at a local restaurant near the hiking location.  There is usually no cost to participate in the hike except for an occasional park fee or lunch if interested.  Most of the hikes are in Kenosha or Racine counties with an occasional hike in northern Illinois or Lake Geneva.  Afternoon hikes will also be offered from 4 to 6 pm.  Details about each hike will be emailed to all hiking participants in advance.  Contact leaders through the contact email address to be added to the email list.


Ron Story:, 577.5864

The poetry group is for those who enjoy poetry, want to understand more about it and wonder where the rhymes are.  Members take turns leading and the leader suggests a poet or poem to be discussed, interpreted, and better understood.  This group meets on the 2nd Monday of each month at 10 am.


Patti Gross,

Social Bridge is a friendly group of players who try to improve their skills and practice strategies.  We play in the Tallent Hall break room Thursdays from 1:30-3:30 pm.  To be dealt in, email Patti to be included in our schedule.


Jarlene Kriehn:
Tom Coe:
Frank Klein:

The Technology group will provide opportunities for  expanding knowledge of current and new technology including gadgets and gizmos.  This will be accomplished through demonstrations and discussions with members helping members or by inviting guests to present topics.  Meetings are usually the 4th Monday of each month at 1:30 pm in Tallent Hall.  For hands-on instruction, the group meets in a UW-Parkside computer lab.  Contact Jarlene to be added to the group email list for a meeting reminder that includes the topic(s) of the meeting.

You may download an ALL Focus Groups pdf file to your computer.  (Posted December 5, 2017)

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