RANGER RESTART: Updates, resources, and FAQs

Your Classes

Find answers to your questions about classes and registration, whether it's your first semester at UWP or your last.

How Do I Register?
Learn about the process of registration, and find tools that help you choose classes to fit your needs.

How Do I find out who my Advisor is and how do I schedule an appointment?
Your advisor is one of the keys to your success. Learn how to meet with an advisor to discuss options for your curriculum as you work to set and reach your academic goals.

Looking for a Form?
Find any forms your might need for registration related activity at UWP.

Where Do I Find My Course Schedule?
Your course schedule lives in SOLAR. Simply log in, locate Student Course Schedule, and select the term from the drop down menu. Learn more here, if you're having trouble.

How Do I Add a Class?
Learn about the process of adding classes to your schedule using your SOLAR account.

How Do I Drop a Class from My Schedule?
Need to drop a class from your course load? Learn how.

Need Enrollment or Wait List Tips?
If you're trying to figure out how to get in a required class for your major or onto a wait list, here are the answers.

How Do I Purchase a Parking Permit?
Learn about Parkside's parking permit types, prices, and where to get them here.

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