Foreign Film Series Summer 2017- Kaili Blues

Date: July 07, 2017
Time: 7:30 Location: UW-Parkside Student Center Cinema


The UW-Parkside Foreign Film Series Summer 2017 season begins on Thursday, July 6 at 7:30 PM, with the film Kaili Blues. The film will be shown in the UW-Parkside Student Center Cinema and tickets are available for $5 at the door. This film will also be shown on Friday, July 7, and Saturday, July 8, at 7:30 PM and 8:00 PM respectively. Foreign language films are subtitled, and subtitles are used on English language films when available.

Kaili Blues is about a widowed country doctor haunted by the past, as well as a depiction of China's increasingly rapid pace of cultural and economic transformation. The doctor, Chen Sheng, has opened a small country clinic in a house that he has inherited from his mother. His relationship with his brother is strained, in part because of the neglectful parenting of his nephew, Weiwei. When Weiwei suddenly disappears Chen leaves to search for him.



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