Foreign Film Series- The King's Choice

March 23, 2018
7:30 pm
UW-Parkside Student Center Cinema

Admission: Patrons $27  |  Senior Citizens $25  |  Students $25  for the whole season
Language/subtitles: All foreign language films are subtitled and subtitles are used on English language films when available.
Norway  |  2016  |  133 min  |  Erik Poppe  |  Norwegian, German, Danish + Swedish languages 

In April 1940, the German war machine arrived in the city of Oslo. Norwegian King Haakon VII faced
a choice that would change his country forever: sign a pact of cooperation with Hitler, or refuse the
virtually non-negotiable agreement and forego any notion of being neutral in the Britain-Germany
conflict and join the fight. Using archival footage to set the stage for the ascension of King, and
interviewing those who had experienced the German invasion, director Poppe delivers a beautifully
rendered, albeit chilling, piece of history often forgotten by those not intimately familiar with WWII

2017 Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival, winner: Audience Choice.

Norm Cloutier
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