Foreign Film Series- I, Daniel Blake

April 12, 2018
7:30 pm
UW-Parkside Student Center Cinema

Admission: Patrons $27  |  Senior Citizens $25  |  Students $25  for the whole season
Language/subtitles: All foreign language films are subtitled and subtitles are used on English language films when available.
UK  |  201  |  100 min  |  Ken Loach  |  English language 

Daniel, an old-school carpenter with almost no formal education and a widower with no children, has
recently suffered a heart attack and receives an Employment and Support Allowance from the British state. But then his benefits are denied; the state wants him to go back to work — even though his physician is on record as saying he can’t. He’s forced to jump through hoop after hoop, until it becomes apparent to him that the maze of bureaucracy is intentionally designed to wear people down, a policy engineered by the conservative government to toss people off the welfare rolls. The quiet beauty of I, Daniel Blake — the reason it’s the rare political drama that touches the soul — is that we believe in Daniel and the many others standing with him.

2016 Cannes Film Festival, winner: Palme d’Or and Prize of the Ecumenical Jury-Special Mention.

Norm Cloutier
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