Foreign Film Series- Toni Erdmann

April 29, 2018
2 pm
UW-Parkside Student Center Cinema

Screenings at 2 pm & 5 pm
Admission: Patrons $27  |  Senior Citizens $25  |  Students $25  for the whole season
Language/subtitles: All foreign language films are subtitled and subtitles are used on English language films when available.
Germany/Austria/Romania  |  2016  |  162 min  |  Maren Ade  |  German, English + Romanian

In this comedy, a young workaholic professional German woman, Inès, is working for a multi-national company in Bucharest when her shaggy, aging father Winfried, a relentless practical joker, comes to visit for the weekend. After an awkward couple of days together, Winfried refuses to go home. He pops up everywhere that Inés goes, invading her life on the local business and diplomatic scene, wearing a wig and pretending to be a life coach called Toni Erdmann. The way in which Ade tackles her subject is startlingly original, frequently hilarious and completely surprising at every turn. Surprising, awkward, refreshing and, at times, downright hilarious, Toni Erdmann is just brilliant.

2017 German Film Awards, winner: Outstanding Feature, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Editing.

Norm Cloutier
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