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THEATRE: Moments, a free FreshINK

April 19, 2019
7 pm

OPENING NIGHT! This evening of three original short plays has been commissioned by the Parkside Theatre Arts Department and features alumni writers, directors, designers, and actors.


Tickets are not required for this free FreshInk staged reading.


A FreshINK free staged reading written and directed by Parkside Theatre Arts alumni

Some fleeting, others infinite, this evening of one-act plays explores the space and time existing between people who are merely doorways--or sometimes lifetimes--apart.

Clouds 8 & 10 - by Anne Walaszek (class of 2012)

It’s opening night and six freshman theatre students are backstage preparing for the quickest quick change of their lives. A memory play, Clouds 8 & 10 reflects and refracts the formation of friendship, identity—and one show-stopping dress—in the moments that transpire when one young woman looks within to see what’s passed and welcome what’s to come.

All to Ourselves - by Karl Gfall (class of 2011)

What is “happily ever after” really like? Is it the manifestation of a beautiful ideal—or just an existential hell in which playwrights and audiences alike have trapped famous couples from the greatest love stories ever told? Imago Lost is a meta-dramatic exploration of the moments that follow just after the curtain drops and the lights come up.

Taking the Stairs - by Michael P. Dalberg (class of 2012)

From inside your apartment, you can believe you're completely and entirely alone—and better off for it. That is, until you walk back into the stairwell. Caught within the confines of this somewhat unconventional locale,Taking the Stairs asks us to consider what it means to live together and discover a bit of ourselves in the neighbors that are just beyond our walls. 

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