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GALLERIES: Reception for Esther Pearl Watson / Kevin Miyazaki

November 07, 2019
4 pm - 6 pm

Esther Pearl Watson
Nov 5-Jan 24  |  Reception Nov 7

Esther Pearl Watson, Dream Believer, mezzanine

Esther Pearl Watson’s family moved often, since her father's hobby of building huge flying saucers out of scrap metal and car engines didn't always sit well with the neighbors. Watson makes “memory paintings.” They are often overtly narrative, clear but mysterious scenes of houses or figures ornamented with snippets of prose telling just enough to get the viewer's own imagination engaged.

Kevin Miyazaki, lower level

Kuroshio is the name of an ocean current that originates in Japan and ro-tates clockwise to join a larger, circular Pacific Ocean current. In the story of immigration and migration, there are always examples of successes and failures, of happiness and suffering. That is a universal experience, but when those personal his-tories are so abundant and diverse within a population, it is, in effect, the story of this country.

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Gallery Director
Colin Matthes

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Colin Matthes
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