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MUSIC: Wind Ensemble and Community Band

Bedford Concert Hall
December 05, 2019
7 pm - 9 pm

UW-Parkside Wind Ensemble and Community Band

Wisconsin premiere of a new work by American composer Julie Giroux called My Soul to Keep with soloist Allison Hull (mezzo soprano), a Parkside faculty member.

From composer Julie Giroux:

“Gun violence has become a plague in America. Mass shootings and deaths by guns in this country have become commonplace. As musicians, besides voting, music can be our loudest, strongest voice. Music can help us remember those we have lost and those who are forever impacted. Music is a bridge across all ethnic, social, racial and religious divides. Music can heal. Music can help bring about the changes we so desperately need.  he time for change is now.”

Also on the program:

Fiesta del Pacifico by Roger Nixon
Rhosymedre by Ralph Vaughan Williams
Celebration Overture by Bruce Broughton

And two works by Minnesota composer Timothy Mahr:

and in this dream there were eight windows . . .
Suite for Band

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