Resilient Leadership: Leadership in Uncharted Territory

February 09, 2023
6 pm - 7:30 pm
Student Center Ballroom

How do you lead others and remain resilient through times of unprecedented change? How do you manage others and avoid burnout through extreme circumstances like those we’ve seen during the pandemic? Those are just some of the questions we've all been asking ourselves for the last two years. How do we continue to lead others, when our previous leadership roadmap no longer applies as we face new normal ways of operating and doing business? Todd Bolsinger is the Co-Owner and Principal of AE Sloan Leadership, Inc., an executive coaching and consulting firm that works with church, non-profit, and marketplace leaders. Todd will share some unique resources to help you create resilient leadership skills that are necessary to adapt to our rapidly changing world.

Stefanie Stamper
In Partnership with Impact of Leadership Podcast
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