Tsun-Mei Chang

Published: September 1, 2016

Excellence in Research and Creative Activity Award

Tsun-Mei Chang

Since joining UW-Parkside, Associate Professor of Chemistry Dr. Tsun-Mei Chang has published a total of 25 articles, six of which were featured as cover articles. 

Participants in Tsun-Mei's research must be fluent in physics, calculus and physical chemistry, thus making it difficult to have undergraduate involvement. Despite this, Tsun-Mei has been able to include undergraduates in her work, two of which were co-authors on presentations at the American Chemical Society's national conference. 

Chemistry Department Chair Dr.Lori Allen says that Tsun-Mei is not only dedicated to her field, but also to the inclusion and development of undergraduates. 

Congratulations, Tsun-Mei Chang

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