Fahrenheit 451 is Heating Up the Utopia/Dystopia Art Exhibit

Published: October 22, 2014
By: Sheridan Shumsky

The Big Read events at University of Wisconsin-Parkside have taken hold of our artists, and has given us the opportunity to see Fahrenheit 451 inspired artwork of all kinds – from digitally created imagery, to sketches, and ceramics! Opening receptions of the Utopia/Dystopia art exhibition took place in the library from noon to 1 pm, and then again at 6pm on October 22. The artists of the digitally created images were each given a letter, and then a word that corresponded with the book Fahrenheit 451. The word each student was given was then reimagined as they created images that held a wide array of meanings and power.

Speaking with artist Bernadette Miller, her digitally created image was inspired by the banishment of books to the public in Fahrenheit 451 and the smuggling of them into every day households. With this exhibit being held in the library, this was a clever way of showing what life would be like if we didn't have books and our real amazing University of Wisconsin-Parkside library! Be sure to read some of the "banned books" our library has to offer! 

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