Procard Information

Important Information About Procard Use

  • The only person authorized to use the Procard is the person whose name appears on the card.
  • We are a tax exempt organization and, therefore, should not be charged sales tax in the state of Wisconsin. If proof of our tax exempt status is required, please send the vendor our Tax Exempt Letter.
  • If the item is on a mandatory contract, make sure to order the item from the Mandatory Vendor. Search for the Contracts on VendorNet.
  • Do not use Ineligible Vendors. Logon to VendorNet to view the Contract Compliance Vendor Directory.
  • Do not purchase items from the Exclusion List. Click to view the Exclusion List.

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Purchasing Monica Litterer (262) 595-2248
US Bank Customer Service (800) 344-5696
US Bank Fraud (800) 523-9078

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