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Procure-to-Pay Automation project

The P2P Procure-to-Pay Automation Project is part of the system wide Administrative Transformation Project. The goal of the project is to increase automation and standardization in the purchasing process across UW system.

The system will be ShopUW+ although as you can see below it is much more than just a new iteration of Shop@UW. This cloud based system will automate workflows and eliminate paper transactions.

Phase One is launching April 16, 2021.

Project Website

The Procure-to-Pay project has a dedicated website. You can link to the YouTube channel, read documents, follow the project progress and subscribe for updates.

YouTube Videos

There is a Procure to Pay (P2P) Automation Project youtube channel. Video times vary from 2 to 10 minutes up to 1 1/2 hours.

Assistance using ShopUW+ 

We are currently working to resolve accessibility barriers in ShopUW+. To learn about the accessibility and usability of ShopUW+, go to ShopUW+ - Accessibility and Usability Information KB.  

 If you need accessibility assistance, want to report an accessibility barrier, or if you are having difficulty using ShopUW+ or any of the training materials, send an email to  

Are You Ready?

First steps for the April 16, 2021 launch of ShopUW+ logo

Know your role

You may already know your role in ShopUW+.

Shopper, Requestor, Approver

When you have access to the system, log in and set up your profile. Add your default funding string.

Understand your Department/Unit workflow

ShopUW+ may change the purchasing workflow for your department or unit. The scenario Guide may help you understand your workflow.

Attend training

You will receive email invitations for training. Training will be in Canvas and supported by ShopUW+ Essentials Red and Black.

Function Date
Last day for MDS/Shop@UW orders April 13
Last day to "copy favorites" from Shop@UW April 13


Training and User Support

The Project team is creating training for all users of the new system. This video provides an overview on the support users can expect from the project team.

ShopUW+ Essentials Red and Black
  • Training is scheduled to begin April 5 for those who have Shopper, Requester and Approver roles in ShopUW+. The platform for training is Canvas. The hub for information will be ShopUW+ Essentials website which will go-live on April 5. Details will be provided as they become available.  
  • UW Parkside Requestors and Approvers will receive email invitations from the ShopUW+ team to access training in early April.
  • Training will provide Staff with knowledge and skills needed to transition to ShopUW+
    • Online role-based training will be provided
    • Self-paced, self-service learning
    • ShopUW+ Foundations
  • Based on their role(s) in the system, users will be aligned to a learning path that includes a variety of learning resources:
    • Job Aids
    • Self-paced e-learning & Micro-learning Modules
    • WebEx Interactive Knowledge Sessions
    • Peer Coaching
  • ShopUW+ Essentials, a central web-based training repository, will house job aids, training materials and other information
  • Single point of contact for Customer Service

ShopUW+ Roles

Every employee will automatically be a shopper. Shoppers can choose and put items to purchase in their ecommerce shopping cart or create requests for items and send to a Requestor to submit requisitions.

Each unit will identify a "requestor" who will review all requests for their unit. The Requestor will be responsible for choosing the funding strings and ensuring unit purchasing policy is adhered to. The Requestor completes the order or requisition and submits.

A Requestor has the authority to approve a purchase up to $100 of items from a ShopUW+ catalog vendor without additional approvals. If the item is over $100, the request is forwarded to the Approver.

The Approver will review the purchase, the funding string, and approve the purchase.

There may be additional Roles based on the cost or type of item.


  • Responsible for shopping for goods and services, creating carts, and assigning carts to requestors
  • Limited user access outside of shopping functionality and purchasing permissions
  • Automatically assigned to every UW Employee
  • Do not need to know funding string


  • Responsible for reviewing and submitting requisitions for approval.
  • Finalizing accounting/shipping information, providing attachments, and submitting requisitions for approval
  • A natural progression from the shopper role


  • Responsible for reviewing all requisitions submitted for their specific approval
  • May be allowed to approve, return, reject, forward, or add comments to the requisition



Current Name Future Name Current Format Sunset Dates Future Format
Shop@UW ShopUW+ Limited to eCommerce Shop@UW will sunset in April 2021

Electronic Invoicing
Accounts Payable

XRG Requisition Generator PR or Requisition Paper and Signatures Paper Requisitions  will sunset in April 2021 Electronic form with workflow approvals
DP Direct Payments Form Paper and Signatures Direct Payment paper requests will sunset in April 2021 Electronic form with workflow approvals
PIR Payment to Individual Form Paper and Signatures

Paper PIR requests will sunset in April 2021


Electronic form with workflow approvals
Purchased Services Form  Form Paper and Signatures Some Payments to Individuals for Services will become Requisitions Electronic form with workflow approvals
EMF Encumbrance Management Form PO Change request form Paper and Signatures Paper PO Change Requests will sunset in April 2021 Electronic form with workflow approvals
Sole Source Justification Form Paper and Signatures Single Source paper forms will sunset in April 2021 Electronic form with workflow approvals
Contract Search Tool  Contract Module  Web Lookup  Phase 2 - TBD

Integrated with requisitions
Phase 2 - electronic workflow approvals

W9 W9 Paper or FAX Phase 2 - TBD Phase 2 - vendor submission through electronic portal
Insurance certificate Insurance certificate Paper or FAX Phase 2 - TBD Phase 2 - vendor submission through electronic portal



Word Meaning
Shopper Anyone using the ShopUW+ site to find a product. Usually refers to Catalog shopping.

Items available through contracted suppliers. This was Shop@UW and MDS. Now, the catalog items will be expanding. Please Note: if an item is in the catalog, it should be purchased from the catalog.

Cart ShopUW+ has a cart- just like other online shopping. It may refer to catalog or non-catalog shopping
Non-catalog Items that are not available for purchase in the catalog
Requestor Designated person in a department or unit who will review shopper transactions and submit purchasing requests
Receipt in Affirmatively checking a box in ShopUW+ that a purchased item arrived or service performed
Approver Designated person in a department or unit who will review purchasing requests. There are three levels of approval.
Payment for Services Formally a PIR, Payments for Service will be processed as a purchasing request.
Standing Order Formally a Blanket Purchase Order


Business Services


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Office Hours

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During the campus closure, our staff will be working remotely from 7:45 am to  4:30 pm. Please reach out to staff by phone, email, Skype, or Jabber.

Please note that documents you would send via intercampus mail can be  scanned and emailed to

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