Business Services Staff


Business Services - Tallent Hall 245

Ann Iverson
Controller/Director of Business Services
Tallent Hall 219
(262) 595-3155
Financial Training
Institutional Agreements
Jane Nikolai
Assistant Controller
Tallent Hall 229
(262) 595-2608
Staff Supervisor
Customer Service
Financial Training
Financial Statements
Indirect Cost Approval for Grant Proposals
Delegation of Authority


Accounting -

Jennifer Agerholm
Tallent Hall 225
(262) 595-2781

WISDM Access/Training Review
Journal Entry Processing
Accounting System Maintenance
Financial Reconciliations
Post Grant Award Accounting
System Grant Set-up
Salary Cash Transfers/Direct Retros
Asset Management
Project/Department Creation/Maintenance
Financial Record Retention Guidance


Accounts Payable -


Tallent Hall 214
(262) 595-2272

Joan DeVries
Financial Specialist
Tallent Hall 245
(262) 595-2247

Timely and Accurate Payment of Vendor Invoices
A/P Compliance with All State and Federal Regulations
Refund of Receipt (ROR)
Payment to Individuals (PIR)
Petty Cash & Change Fund Request

Copier Management
Cellphone Acquisition
Tuition Reimbursement Assistance
AP Voucher
Petty Cash & Change Fund Request




Travel -

                                                                                    e-Reimbursement (TER)                                                    
                                                                                   Non-Employee e-Reimbursement
Tallent Hall 214                                                          TA/CA (Cash Advance)
(262) 595-2272                                                           US Bank Corporate Travel Card
                                                                                    US Bank CTS (Ghost Card)

Alyssa Totoraitis                                                         UW TravelWise Policies & Procedures                                                    
Regional Travel Manager                                           Fox World Travel Liaison
Tallent Hall 218                                                          Concur/Reservation Support
(262) 595-2154                                                          General Travel Questions


Purchasing -

Monica Litterer
Procurement Specialist
Tallent Hall 221
(262) 595-2248
Procurement Contract and ASSA Signatory Authority
Establish & Administer Campus Purchasing Contracts
Develop Specifications and Satisfy Bidding Requirements
Purchase Authorization Form (Requisition
Purchase Orders
Procurement Card Administrator (Procard)
Capital Project Purchasing


Budget & Planning -

Kathryn Mustell-Watkins
Budget Policy & Analyst
Tallent Hall 253
(262) 595-2579
Budget Planning and Implementation
Annual & Ongoing Budget Maintenance
Position Change/Monitoring
Budget Preparation and Reporting
Budget Entry
Budget Transfers

Business Services Support

Renee Kelly
Finance Specialist
Tallent Hall 253
(262) 595-2255

Jill Zimmerman
TMAC & Accounting Intern
Tallent Hall 245
(262) 595-2207



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