Business Services Staff


Business Services - Tallent Hall 245

Ann Iverson
Controller/Director of Business Services
Tallent Hall 219
(262) 595-3155
Financial Training
Institutional Agreements
Jane Nikolai
Assistant Controller
Tallent Hall 229
(262) 595-2608
Staff Supervisor
Customer Service
Financial Training
Financial Statements
Indirect Cost Approval for Grant Proposals
Delegation of Authority

Accounting -

Jennifer Agerholm
Tallent Hall 225
(262) 595-2781
WISDM Access/Training Review
Journal Entry Processing
Accounting System Maintenance
Financial Reconciliations
Post Grant Award Accounting
System Grant Set-up
Salary Cash Transfers/Direct Retros
Asset Management
Project/Department Creation/Maintenance
Financial Record Retention Guidance

Accounts Payable -

Margaret Drake
AP Lead
Tallent Hall 214
(262) 595-2272
Timely and Accurate Payment of Vendor Invoices
A/P Compliance with All State and Federal Regulations
Refund of Receipt (ROR)
Payment to Individual Report (PIR)
Petty Cash & Change Fund Request

Financial Specialist
Tallent Hall 245
(262) 595-2247
Copier Management
Cellphone Acquisition
Tuition Reimbursement Assistance
Petty Cash & Change Fund Request

Travel -

Margaret Drake
AP Lead
Tallent Hall 214
(262) 595-2272
e-Reimbursement (TER)
Non-Employee e-Reimbursement
TA/CA (Cash Advance)
US Bank Corporate Card
US Bank CTS (Ghost Card)
Alyssa Totoraitis
Regional Travel Manager
Tallent Hall 218
(262) 595-2154
UW TravelWise Policies & Procedures
Fox World Travel Liaison
Concur Reservation Support
General Travel Questions

Purchasing -

Monica Litterer
Procurement Specialist
Tallent Hall 221
(262) 595-2248
Procurement Contract and ASSA Signatory Authority
Establish & Administer Campus Purchasing Contracts
Develop Specifications and Satisfy Bidding Requirements
Purchase Authorization Form (Requisition
Purchase Orders
Procurement Card Administrator (Procard)
Capital Project Purchasing

Business Services Support

Renee Kelly
Finance Specialist
Tallent Hall 253
(262) 595-2255
AP Voucher


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