Camtasia Relay Instructions

Recording with Camtasia Relay
  • Click the Camtasia Relay icon on your desktop.
  • Enter your UW-P username and Password.
  • Click the Login button.
  • Profile Selection: From the Profile drop down menu, select one of the following:

Camtasia Relay profile menu

  • Enter Title (e.g., Course name, file name, semester, etc.).
  • Click the Audio button to select an internal or connected (USB) microphone. You may also choose to record System audio. Press OK when finished with audio source selection.
  • Click the Display button to select the display area you wish to record.
  • Click the Camera button to select an internal or connected (USB) webcam. If you do not wish to record webcam video for a particular recording, click the camera button and then select the Do not record camera option.
  • When you are read to begin recording, click the Record button. There will be a 3 second countdown before recording commences.
  • When finished recording, click the stop button on the recorder control panel.

Reviewing a Recording
  • OPTIONAL: Click trimming to remove audio from beginning and/or end of session.
  • OPTIONAL: Review the recording using play, rewind, and fast forward controls.
  • OPTIONAL: Change title and/or description.
  • Click Submit.
  • Sessions will automatically upload to the selected publish destination.
    If publishing to or Youtube, you will receive a "Presentation Published" email when your video is ready for viewing.

  • Note: The first time a video is uploaded to or Youtube, you will be prompted to enter your username and password for verification. This will happen only once.
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