RANGER RESTART: Updates, resources, and FAQs

Creating an D2L Online Room [Blackboard Collaborate]

  1. On the main navigation bar on your course home page, expand the Communication drop down menu and select Online Rooms.
  2.  D2L drop down menu, Online Rooms
  3. Click New Room.
  4. Give the Online Room an appropriate Name and, if desired, a description.
  5. Online Room Title and Description

  6. There are two options for Room Visibility:
  7. Setting Online Room Visibility
    • Restricted Room: Will be available to only those who are manually added by the room creator.
    • Public Room: Will automatically be available to the entire class list.

  8. In the Availability section, choose the start and end dates/times.
  9. Online Room Availability Settings
  10. In the Advanced Properties section, click Show Room Restrictions to view the options.
    Once the desired options have been set, click on the Save button.
  11. Online Rooms Advanced Settings

NOTE: Granting participants unrestricted access to the all resources option will give students access to anything uploaded to the room.

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