Copy Course Components

Copy Course Components allows you to copy course components from one course site to another.

From the My Tools drop down, select Edit Course

In the course that you wish to copy components to, select Edit Course from the My Tools drop down menu.

Select Import / Export / Copy Components

Select Import / Export / Copy Components.

Click the checkbox next to Copy Components from another Org Unit

Check the box next to Copy Components from another Org Unit. If there are any protected resources to be copied, be sure to check the box next to Include Protected Resources.

Click the Add Selected button

Click on the Add Selected button.

Search and select course to copy components from.

Search for the course that you wish to copy components from. Check the box next the the selected course.

 Copy All Components to copy all files or Select Components to choose individual files

Click on the Copy All Components button to copy all of the course site's components. To select individual components, click on the Select Components button.

 Choose the course components you wish to copy to your new course site

Choose the components you wish to copy or select individual items for each component.

Issues Copying Specific Components

  • Groups & Sections
    If selecting the Groups option, it is suggested to choose Select individual items to copy
    and to uncheck any class section groups from the previous semester (eg: class001_sec001).
    New section groups are automatically created for your course.
  • Due Dates
    Due dates for items are not changed when you copy them. You must use the Manage Dates tool to offset the dates or manually update them in each tool
  • Grades
    Calculated grade items are not copied.

Once desired files are have been selected, click on the Continue button.

Once desired files have been selected, click on the Continue button.

Click blue link to Modify selection. Click Continue to complete copy components process.

To modify your selection, click on the blue Modify link.
When satisfied with your file selection, click on the Finish button to complete the copy components process. 

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