D2L Instructor FAQs

2.  How do I get access my course(s) in D2L?

  • The first, and most important, step to getting a course activated in D2L is to make sure you are listed as the instructor in Solar. That means you must…
    1. Have all HR paperwork completed and in Solar (HR puts everything in Solar).
      (This is relevant to new employees of University of Wisconsin-Parkside).
    2. Have your department make sure the Registrar has you listed as the instructor. If you are not listed as instructor in Solar (per the Registrar’s Office), the course can be activated but you will not have access. 

  • Once you are sure you are listed as the instructor of the course you wish to put online in D2L, you will need to fill out a COURSE REQUEST online. 

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3.  When will I have access to my D2L course?

  • Now that you have filled out the D2L course request form and submitted it electronically, the staff in the Learning Technology Center (LTC) will review it and fulfill your request as quickly as possible.
    [NOTE] The sooner course requests can be turned in, the more likely to receive a quick response. It can get quite hectic as it gets closer to class start dates. So, sooner is better than later.
  • When the LTC completes your request, you will get an email to confirm the activation of your course(s).
  • Finally, now that the LTC has completed the activation and sent you a confirmation email, our system must run an overnight activation process. That means there is a 24-48 hours wait time before you can access your course(s)

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4. How do I get to D2L and login?

D2L can be accessed directly via the UWP homepage.

  • Simply click “logins” from the menu bar at the top of the homepage.
  • Click on “D2L” under the logins and tools heading. This will get you to our login options.
  • Since you are an instructor of the University of Wisconsin-Parkside, you are considered a UWP user and NOT a guest, therefore, click the orange button.
  • In order to login, you will use your username and password attached to your UWP email. When typing in your username, remember that it is only the alpha-numeric characters that precede @ in your email address and the password is the same as your email.

[NOTE] If you change your email password at any time, your D2L password will change simultaneously as they are synchronized.

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5  If I teach multiple sections of a course or a course that is cross-listed, can I combine them?

[YES]  Each course to be combined (including course sections) must be added to the D2L Course Request form prior to form submission.


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6.  When will students be able to see my course?

Students will not have access to a course in which they are enrolled until its designated start date.
By default, D2L student course access begins on the first day of classes, unless it is changed by the instructor.

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7.  Do wait-listed students have access to my course?

[NO A Student on the Wait List for a class is not officially registered for the class and will not show up on a D2L course roster until he or she has been officially added to the course in SOLAR.

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 8.  Can I change my course start or end date of my D2L course?


  1. Go to the course
  2. Expand the My Tools drop down menu. 
  3. Click on Edit Course
  4. Click on Course Offering Information
  5. You will see the following options: Active, Start Date, and End Date.

    • To change the Start Date for your course, select the check box next to Course has start date and select the appropriate date/time. [Students cannot enter the course until the Start Date.]
    • To change the End Date for the course, select the check box next to Course has end date and select the appropriate date/time.
      [Students cannot enter the course after the End Date.]

NOTE: You might notice that a start date and end date are already entered for your course.
The default start and end date for D2L courses is determined by the UW-Parkside Registrar.

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9. What is the difference between the start, end, and due dates in D2L?

The Start Date and End Date options available in D2L tools, such as Content and Dropbox, control when students can access the item. 

  • The Start Date determines when the item becomes available to students. 
  • The End Date determines when the item is no longer available. 
  • The Due Date does not affect the availability of a course item, however, it does affect the Calendar tool. In a course, if a Due Date is set on a course item, a corresponding event will appear in the course calendar.

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10.  Unable to upload a file (MS Office, PDF, etc.) into the content area.

  • When naming files you wish to upload to D2L, best practice is to use only alpha-numeric characters [underscores & dashes are also acceptable]. D2L does not recognize special characters like slashes ("/"), ampersands ("&"), asterisks, quotation marks, or question marks.
  •  Make sure the file contains the correct three letter file extension following the period ("filename.PPTX" or "filename.PDF", etc.). Do not use periods in the actual file "name".

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