D2L Student FAQs

Where do I go to access the D2L login page?
[NOTE:  D2L courses for Fa 2014-15 will only be available for student access as of Wednesday, September 3rd, unless otherwise notified by an instructor.]

Click on the Logins link located in the upper right hand corner of the UWP homepage, 

UWP Homepage logins link

This will bring you to the campus Logins page. Click on the D2L link to access the D2L Login page.

 UWP Logins Page

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What is my D2L username and password?

Active and currently enrolled students should use their UWP NetID in conjunction with their UWP NetID Password to login to D2L.

  • For more information on general D2L basics, visit What is D2L?

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What browser should I be using?

On the D2L Login page:
  • To verify that your preferred browser is supported, click on the Supported Browsers link.
  • To verify that your browser (version, settings, etc.) will work properly with D2L,
    select the System Check link.

 d2l system check image

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What should I do if I'm having problems logging into D2L?

For general D2L support questions (including login issues), please submit a D2L Support Form.
The D2L Support Form is located on the D2L login page.

 d2l support form image

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What is the difference between the start, end, and due dates in D2L?

The Start Date and End Date options available in D2L tools, such as Content and Dropbox, control when students can access the item. 

  • The Start Date determines when the item becomes available to students. 
  • The End Date determines when the item is no longer available. 
  • The Due Date does not affect the availability of a course item, however, it does affect the Calendar tool. In a course, if a Due Date is set on a course item, a corresponding event will appear in the course calendar.

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What is the difference between Sharing and Pushing an ePortfolio presentation?

Sharing an ePortfolio presentation or item:
When Sharing a presentation or individual items you can set up separate permission options for each artifact, collection, reflection, presentation, and learning objective in your ePortfolio so you can pick and choose what content you share with others. You can choose whether others can see the item, see comments, see assessments, add comments, add assessments, and/or edit the item.  

Pushing an ePortfolio presentation or item:
Pushing an ePortfolio item basically pushes all of the items/artifacts into the intended recipients ePortfolio tool, thereby granting them full read / write access to the presentation and/or individual items that were pushed. 

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