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What's New in Content?


Table of Contents - Expand / Collapse functionality

Expand All and Collapse All options have been added to the Table of Contents area. These options allow users to expand or collapse all modules with a single click. The module's expanded or collapsed state is also retained across sessions.

Table of Contents - Expand / Collapse

Return to Content Workflow

When instructors edit a Quiz, Survey, or Assessment in Content, they are now returned to the activity within Content when they click Save and Close or Cancel. Previously, the instructor was taken out of Content onto the main page of Quizzes, Surveys, or Self Assessments.

Content Overview

To better distinguish the Overview page from the Table of Contents page, the placeholder text on the Overview page has been changed to read: Add a welcome message, overview, or description. The Add Attachments control was also updated to reduce the possibility of mistaking it for the primary drag and drop area for adding new files.

Content Overview

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