Desire2learn Mobile Learning

Desire2Learn 2Go is the mobile version of D2L that is available when using a mobile device to access D2L.

Desire2Learn 2Go Mobile Learning

D2L Assignment Grader App Icon  D2L Assignment Grader

D2L Assignment Grader is a fully-featured grading application that’s available online or offline, and improves productivity by giving instructors the capability to grade on-the-go.

D2L Assignment Grader
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  • Save time: Assignments can be saved for offline use, allowing instructors to shorten the turnaround time for grading and feedback and work at their own pace when providing simple text, audio, or video feedback on downloaded assignments.
  • Improve feed back: Assess using rubrics, annotate with inline comments, and provide personalized feedback using tools that allow you to leave the time-consuming manual grading of assignments behind.
  • Stay organized: Support for multiple submission types and the ability to switch between multiple views helps keep things organized, offering instructors the flexibility to quickly navigate through submissions and grade in the workflow that they prefer.

Binder  Desire2Learn Binder

Easily work with textbooks and documents from your courses, favorite cloud drives and mobile apps all in one place.

Blackboard Collaborate Mobile App Icon Blackboard Collaborate Mobile

With Blackboard Collaborate Mobile, you can join web conferencing sessions or an online room right from your iPhone or iPad. With Blackboard Collaborate Mobile, participants can;

  • View whiteboard content, including images, presentations and annotations.
  • View shared applications and desktops.
  • Communicate with moderators and other participants via text chat and two-way audio.
  • Respond to yes/no and multiple-choice polling questions.
  • Raise their virtual hand for questions or comments.
  • Use emotions to indicate laughter, confusion, or approval.
  • View the names, polling responses, and emotions of other session members. Participate in breakout room sessions

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