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Canvas Migration Preparation

Even though UW-Parkside is not yet offering any courses through Canvas, there are still a few things that instructors can do to make the transition from D2L to Canvas smoother. It is never too early to start thinking about how your courses will migrate into Canvas.

What can instructors do to help?

Content Clean-Up

One of the biggest things that instructors can do to help during the migration is to go through their course content and delete anything that is old or that is no longer used in the course. A lot of courses have old content stored in them because they are carried from semester to semester without being cleaned up. Keeping unnecessary content will create more work for the migration team and could create confusion when organizing your course in Canvas.

You can go through your Course Content to clean, but most importantly you'll want to clean up the Manage Files section of your course. Manage Files is under Tools on the gray navigation bar. Manage Files is the area that stores anything you've ever added to your course and have been imported from semester to semester.

Quiz Clean-Up

Quiz migration from D2L to Canvas could potentially be a messy process and in order to eliminate possible quiz migration issues, we ask that instructors go through their quizzes and quiz question libraries to delete any unused or old quizzes or quiz questions. Make note if you have quizzes through textbook integrations or if you have your question libraries as separate files on your computer. This could potentially save time and storage space during the migration.


Please take note of what learning tools you use in D2L and preferably in which courses. (Textbook integrations, Blackboard Collaborate, Kaltura, Canopy, Films on Demand, Turnitin.)

Also take note of any important calendar dates or group setups in your courses. Calendars and Groups will not be migrated into Canvas and you will need to keep a note of how you want those tools to be used after the transition.

Possible Re-Design

The migration from D2L to Canvas is a great opportunity to think about re-designing / re-vamping your courses. UW-Parkside has two instructional designers on campus that would love to meet with you to talk about how to re-design your courses to work with Canvas in the most effective way possible.

To meet with an instructional designer, please email innovations@uwp.edu.


If you have any questions or concerns about how the migration will effect your courses, please email innovations@uwp.edu.

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