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Canvas training will be offered throughout the Spring and Summer 2019 semesters. Please sign up for training using the registration link below, or email for more information.

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D2L Sunset

As the UW System migrates from D2L to Canvas, we will be sunsetting D2L. This means that as of June 2019, we will no longer offer any courses through D2L. We will have access to the system through June of 2020, but it is strongly recommended that all students, faculty, and instructional staff that use D2L work on saving copies of their content before January 2020.

D2L Sunset Checklist

Below is a checklist of things that should be done in order to prepare for the loss of D2L. Be as thorough as possible while going through the checklist and please email with any questions.

  • Sign up for Canvas Training if you have not done so or if you would like a refresher!
  • Export all content from your courses in D2L. We will be losing access to D2L, so everything, and we mean everything, that you want saved should be exported and stored on your computer or OneDrive.
    Instructions on how to export course content.
  • Request sandboxes for all courses in Canvas even if you're not sure you will teach the course again. Sandboxes in Canvas are course shells that can store all of your course content from D2L. We HIGHLY recommend requesting sandboxes for all courses that you have D2L content for. To request sandboxes, please fill out this survey.
  • Import all D2L content into Canvas sandboxes. When you request sandboxes using the survey, it will ask if you need content transferred from D2L to Canvas. This means that the Innovations team can do this task for you, but if you'd like to import your own content, you are more than welcome to using the instructions linked below!
    Instructions on how to import D2L content to Canvas.
  • Request that all quizzes be moved from D2L to Canvas. Quizzes are the main thing that do not transfer smoothly from D2L to Canvas so they have to be transferred manually. To help with this task, the Innovations team has two project positions who will help migrate quizzes until May of 2019. Please email to request that your quizzes be transferred by May of 2019.
  • Export content from D2L locker. If you use the D2L locker, make sure that you are downloading all of that content and storing it on your computer, OneDrive, or your Files area in Canvas.
  • Remind students to save all of their content. Students will receive communication to save all of their work and to export their D2L lockers, but instructors should remind all of their students to save their work in case they miss the communication.
  • Double check everything. Make sure you have all of your content stored on your computer, OneDrive, and that you have all of your content in Canvas Sandboxes.

D2L Sunset Timeline

  • May 2019: All quizzes need to have been requested to be moved into Canvas from D2L. After May, the Innovations team will no longer be able to facilitate the transfer of quizzes.
  • June 2019: All courses will be taught in Canvas. There will no longer be any courses taught through D2L.
  • January 2020: All D2L content will need to be exported, saved, and imported into Canvas sandboxes by January 2020.
  • June 2020: All access to D2L will be removed. Faculty, staff, students, and LMS administrators will permanently lose all access to D2L.

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