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In 2013, the University of Wisconsin System conducted an Instructure Canvas pilot project, as recommended by the 2011 Learning Management System (LMS) Task Force, sponsored by the Learn@UW Executive Committee. The pilot was intended to enhance our understanding of the changing LMS landscape. The 2013 pilot provided us with an opportunity to experiment with and explore the features and functionalities of an alternative learning management system. The pilot also focused on ways to use the LMS to improve student engagement, as well as gauge the adoption effort of instructors and students when using a new LMS. The pilot was not intended to seek an LMS to replace Desire2Learn (D2L).

UWS Canvas Inquiries

All inquiries from the media regarding the contract, the negotiation process, or the DLE RFP should be directed to University Relations - universityrelations@uwsa.edu

spring 2019 canvas training

Instructor FAQ's

Will I be able to move my course content from D2L to Canvas?

Yes, you will be able to move your course content from D2L to Canvas, but we suggest cleaning out your courses in D2L before we move them to D2L. Take a look at the Migration Preparation page for details on how to prep your courses!

Will there be training available?

Yes! The next round of training will take place over the Spring 2019 semester. Please fill out the Spring Canvas Training Survey to reserve your seat!

Spring 2019 Canvas Training Dates:
*All sessions will take place from 9:00am - 11:00am in Wyllie D103 (The Learning Tech. Lab).*

  • Friday, February 5th
  • Friday, March 1st
  • Friday, March 15th
  • Friday, April 5th
  • Friday, April 19th
  • Friday, May 3rd
  • Tuesday, May 21st
  • Wednesday, May 22nd
  • Thursday, May 23rd
  • Tuesday, May 28th
  • Wednesday, May 29th
  • Thursday, May 30th
How will faculty be supported?

Faculty will be supported in a number of ways. Faculty will be trained by the Innovations team at set times depending on what phase the instructor is in to migrate. The Innovations team will also offer 1-on-1 support when needed!

After the instructor's courses have been migrated, instructors will have access to the Canvas Tier 1 Support 24 hours a day. Instructors can also contact the UWP Help Desk at 262.595.2444, email the Innovations team at innovations@uwp.edu, or check the Instructor Resources page that Canvas has provided!

Are all UW institutions using Canvas?

Yes! All UW System institutions will be transitioning to Canvas by Fall 2019.

How will students be notified they have courses in Canvas?

Unfortunately, during the Fall 2018 - Fall 2019 period, students will more than likely have courses in both D2L and Canvas. Students will be notified close to the beginning of each semester with a list of courses that they are enrolled in that will be offered in Canvas that semester. There will also be a running list of courses on the UWP KnowledgeBase that will be provided to all students and facuty.

However, it should also be made clear in the course syllabus or announced in person which system the instructor plans on using.


Early Adopters

The first set of instructors to move to Canvas have all been trained and are in the process of getting their content ready for the Fall 2018 semester! The Early Adopter training took place May of 2018 with one training session July 2018.

Here are some statistics about the Fall 2018 Canvas Early Adopters:

  • Instructors Trained in Canvas: 87
  • Instructors Using Canvas in Fall 2018: 73
  • Fully Online Fall 2018 Canvas Courses: 53 (Combined Sections)
  • Total Fall 2018 Canvas Courses: 213 (Combined Sections)

Phase II Adopters

Phase II Adopters were the second set of instructors to be trained in Canvas. Phase II Adopters were trained over the Fall 2018 semester in preparation for their courses to go live in Canvas in the Spring 2019 semester.

Phase III Adopters

Phase III Adopters will be trained in Canvas over the Winter and Spring semesters in preparation for their courses to go live in the Fall of 2019. If you are interested in being trained in Canvas over the Spring 2019 semester, please fill out the Spring Canvas Training Survey or email innovations@uwp.edu for more information!

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