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What's New in Quizzes and Surveys?

Add / Edit Questions

In v10.1, when creating quizzes, one had to navigate to the last tab to create or edit questions.



In v10.3,. users can add questions from the first tab rather than the last.



New Assessment Tab

For Quizzes, Grade Items, Rubrics, and Attempts have been combined and are now located on a new Assessment tab. .


For Surveys, the ability to associate Rubrics is now moved to the Assessment tab.


Quiz Submission Views

In v10.1, Quiz submission views had a starting availability date / time that ended at a defined date and time. As a result, students submitting quizzes at different times would have different access durations to the quiz's submission view. 

In v10.3, when you want to create the same limited availability of the quiz submission view for all students, the length of time in minutes the view is available can be set in the Limited Duration area, and the starting availability now begins at the time of an individual's submission.


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