Strategic Planning

Pillars of Excellence

  • Become a Premier Regional University that Transforms Lives: Through offering high-quality, high-impact, career-relevant academic and co-curricular programs, and state-of-the-art facilities, deeply engage our learners and provide them a transformative learning experience that prepares individuals for the complexity of 21st Century life. 
    • Continuously strive to increase learner success, engagement and career readiness
    • Broaden and intensify innovative teaching and learning pedagogies, environments, and high impact experiences
    • Continuously improve the University's facilities in accordance with the Campus Master Plan


  • Achieve Sustainable Growth: Achieve institutional sustainability through evidence-based approaches that support the University's students, prioritize programs, and maximize human resource potential. 
    • Foster a diverse and inclusive environment with a positive work environment
    • Prioritize programs
    • Extend Strategic Enrollment Plan to the college and unit level
    • Encourage and invest in innovation to expand our fiscal base


  • Advance Economic Growth Through Community Engagement and Partnerships: Pursue initiatives that address current and future educational needs in Southeastern Wisconsin and continually build high-quality and sustainable partnerships that support excellent learning experiences. 
    • Improve our ability to serve adults returning to college, active members of the military and their families, veterans, international students and graduate students by designing new programs, in areas of growing opportunity that include clear paths to degree completion, a high level of flexibility, and innovative use of technology.
    • Identify and respond to the current and future demands for professions and occupations in the region through credit based programs and non-credit professional development.
    • Enhance understanding of the university's contribution to economic growth through continuing to tell our story.
    • Support small business development and entrepreneurship activity through SBDC and other partnerships.
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