Saving and Using a PowerPoint Template: Windows

1. Open the PowerPoint file in PowerPoint. In this case, the file is a .potx template file but a regular .pptx file can be turned into a template this way as well. 

2. Use the Microsoft icon in the upper left to go to "Save As" and choose PowerPoint Presentation.

3. Choose "PowerPoint Template (*.potx)" as the file format to save as.

4. Once you choose the .potx format, the window you are saving to should automatically change from your "Temp" folder to the "Microsoft >Templates" folder on your C drive. The template is now saved on your computer and will always be available when you want to build a new presentation. 

5. Go to the Microsoft icon in the upper left and choose "New" to get the New Presentation dialog window. Select the fourth item, "My Templates." 

6. This will open a new window with the list of your templates. Preview and choose the template you want, click "OK" and start creating your presentation.

7. When you insert additional new slides, you can use the "Layout" tab on the "Home" menu bar to select the page style you want to insert.

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