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When do I send a work request?

The following list contains examples of when you would send a work order request . This list is not all inclusive. If you have any questions please call Jeannine Brokmeier at # 2228 or email her at brokmeie@uwp.edu

  1. You need a repair to office furniture or equipment that is departmental supplied.
  2. Installation of special electrical outlets etc. required to accommodate additional equipment or a change in room use.
  3. Maintenance or installation of departmental equipment or appliances.
  4. Key cutting, rekeying or installation of new security systems.
  5. Replacement of carpeting or window treatments, which were supplied with the building, for reasons other than wear.
  6. All materials and labor costs, including overtime, for services (setup, teardown and cleanup) performed in support of special programs. Ex: summer camps, workshops, concerts and other activities.
  7. Installation of chalk boards, mirrors, shelves etc.
  8. Moving furniture or equipment.
  9. Special requests for services outside the timeframe of routine maintenance such as painting.
  10. Any change, renovation or remodeling when requested by the department.

For more details see the policy at http://www.uwsa.edu/fadmin/fppp/fppp25at.htm


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