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Campus Planning

The Campus Planning Office at UW-Parkside resides in the Finance and Administration Office.  It is charged with the following activities in support of the campus’ strategic and academic plans:

  1. Facilities master planning (including building site selection, vehicular circulation and parking, pedestrian and bicycle circulation, landscape planning, natural areas and open space planning, signage and site furnishings).
  2. Capital planning (preparation and submittal of the six-year biennial capital plan, including the scope, budget and prioritization of major projects, instructional-space projects, and all-agency projects).
  3. Space planning (maintenance of campus space inventory, analysis of space needs, review and recommendation of space reassignments, classroom and lab demand analysis).
  4. Oversight of consultant design and construction contracts for new construction projects.
  5. Remodeling activities within existing buildings (including oversight of both smaller in-house construction projects, and outside design and construction contracts).
  6. Environmental compliance (interpretation and implementation of the Wisconsin Environmental Policy Act).
  7. Coordinating these activities with budget planning, academic planning, and strategic planning.



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