Policy 12

University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Compensation From Sources Beyond the Scope of an Employee's Full-Time Appointment
Policy #12

Section 16.417(2) of the Wisconsin Statutes provides that: "No individual who is employed or retained in a full-time position or capacity with an agency or authority may hold any other position or be retained in any other capacity with an agency or authority from which the individual receives directly or indirectly, more than $12,000 from the agency or authority as compensation for the individual's services during the same year. No agency or authority may employ an individual or enter into any contract in violation of this subsection. The department shall annually check to assure that no individual violates this subsection. The department shall order any individual whom it finds to be in violation of this subsection to forfeit that portion of the economic gain that the individual realized in   violation of this subsection. The attorney general, when requested by the department, shall institute proceedings to recover any forfeiture incurred under this subsection which is not paid by the individual against whom it is assessed. This subsection does not apply to an individual who has a full-time appointment for less than 12 months, during any period of time that is not included in the appointment."

Since the statutory definition of agency used in this legislation includes any institution of higher education, it appears this statute does apply to current UW System employees who earn more than $12,000 from the institution that employs the individual full-time or from   any other state institution or agency. Note that it does not apply to individuals who have full-time appointments for less than 12 months during the period of time not included in the appointment. In addition, the reference to "year" in the statutes is a calendar year.

Employees should contact the Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs, Vice Chancellor   for Administrative & Fiscal Affairs or the Executive Director of University Advancement to determine if this policy applies to their position. If this policy   applies to an individual, compensation beyond the $5000 limit is required to be returned as per Wisconsin Statute.

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