Policy 27

University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Mailing Lists/Labels Policy
Policy #27

The University's policy on Requests for Mailing Lists or Labels to individuals and organizations follows:
The University of Wisconsin-Parkside recognizes its obligation to:

1) honor the right to privacy of employees, students, and alumni, and

2) provide information which is a matter of public record. These two principles form the basis of the campus policy on students and/or employees to individuals and organizations.

Employees and alumni will be notified annually of their individual right to withhold their names and home addresses from mailing lists, directory lists and/or labels provided to individuals and organizations for purposes unrelated to official university business.* Similarly, students will be notified each semester of their right to withhold directory information for purposes unrelated to official university business.

External requests for mailing lists and labels of employees, alumni and students may be subject to a campus full cost reimbursement fee. Individuals or organizations receiving student directory data that are to be used for external or non-university business will be charged $100.00.

Requests from individuals and organizations for mailing lists and/or labels should be addressed as follows:

  • Internal and External Requests for student data - Registrar

  • External Requests for employee data - Director of Human Resources**

  • Internal Requests for employee data - Computer and Network Services

  • Alumni - Office of University Relations

Information for students who have chosen not to release their directory information in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) will not be released.

* Please note: employee names will still appear in the directory.

** External requests for home mailing labels will be obtained from the Madison campus data base which uses W-4 information and the associated release flag.


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