Policy 30

University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Outside Activities Policy (Reporting Procedures)
Policy #30

UW-Parkside Policies and Procedures establish guidelines regarding approval procedures and reporting requirements for substantial "outside activities." These guidelines apply to members of the staff, including faculty members, lecturers, and visiting faculty members.

7.07 Intent

Rules and procedures governing outside activities (UWS 8) are intended to insure devotion to teaching, research activities and all normal university responsibilities on the part of members of the instructional staff, while permitting their broad participation in public service or endeavors related to their fields of interest. Instructional staff members are free to engage in outside activities, whether or not such activities are remunerative or related to their field of academic interest or specialization. However, no member of the instructional staff may engage in an outside activity if it conflicts with her/his institutional responsibilities. Standards of conduct set forth in UWS 8.03 shall be observed.

7.08 Definitions

(1) As used in UWPF 7.07 through 7.16, "member of the instructional staff" includes faculty members as defined in UWPF 1.01(1)(a), and lecturers and visiting faculty as defined by UWPA 1.03 (2)(A and B) with a university commitment of 50% or more.

(2) "Reportable outside activities" are those activities of an instructional staff member which are defined in s. UWS 8.025.

(3) "Institutional Ethics Committee" consists of the members of the Faculty Rights and Responsibilities Committee and the members of the Academic Staff Policy and Personnel Committee.

7.09 Approval of Reportable Outside Activities

(1) Prior to undertaking reportable outside activities, a member of the instructional staff shall request in writing the permission of her/his department chair, describing the nature and substance of the activity.

(2) If, during the year, significant changes in a staff member's reportable outside activities occur, the staff member shall immediately inform, in writing, her/his department chair. This information shall be placed on file with the staff member's annual statement of outside interests.

(3) The department chair shall make a recommendation, within 15 days, regarding the submitted request and notify the member of the instructional staff. When formulating her/his recommendation, the chair may, at her/his discretion, consult with the Institutional Ethics Committee.

(4) The department chair shall forward the request with her/his recommendation to the dean. The dean shall approve or disapprove the request, within 15 days, and notify in writing the chancellor, the chair, and the instructional staff member concerned.

(5) If the dean disapproves the request, the instructional staff member concerned shall have the right to appeal, within 15 days after notice of the dean's decision, in accordance with UWPF 7.17-7.20.

7.10 Action to Avoid Possible Conflict of Interest

(1) When a material conflict may arise between the personal interests of a staff member and her/his public responsibilities to the university, the staff member shall notify her/his department chair by submitting a written statement describing the nature of the possible conflict.

(2) Procedures set forth in 7.09(3) through (5) shall apply, except that the finding of the dean shall conform to UWS 8.04(a) through (c).

7.11 Approval of Outside Activities Utilizing Institutional Facilities and Personnel

(1) Prior to undertaking outside activities requiring the use of institutional facilities and/or staff, the member of the instructional staff shall request in writing the permission of the Chancellor, through the department chair and dean, describing the required institutional facilities and/or personnel and the rationale for the usage.

(2) The use of institutional facilities for outside activities shall be decided by the Chancellor as guided by the rule and procedures in UWPF 9.02 and Regent's Policy (e.g. UWS 21).

7.12 Reporting of Outside Activities

(1) Each instructional staff member shall annually on or before April 30, file a report of outside activities with her/his department chair.

(2) The dean shall notify in writing any member of the instructional staff whose reportable outside activities are deemed by her/him after consultation with the appropriate department chair, to be excessive or improper.

(3) A member of the instructional staff whose reportable outside activities are judged by her/his dean to be excessive or improper may appeal the dean's decision in accordance with UWPF 7.15-7.18.

7.13 Outside Activities Involving Students

(1) The use of students in outside activities should be governed by the educational benefits to the students.

(2) The involved students should be informed of the implications of any agreements restricting their right to publish or communicate freely.

(3) The instructional staff member who either advises or serves on the dissertation committee of a graduate student shall request in writing the permission of her/his department chair to either hire or directly supervise such a student in employment activities.

7.14 Service as an Expert Witness or Consultant

Any expected or anticipated service by a member of the instructional staff as an expert witness in legal proceedings, or as a staff advisor or consultant to granting agencies, shall be subject to the approval procedure provided by UWPF 7.09.

7.15 Outside Activities Requiring Absence From Institutional Duties

Any expected or anticipated absence from institutional duties due to outside activities shall be subject to the approval procedure provided in UWPF 7.09 or UWPF 9.01.

7.16 Complaints

Complaints against a member of the instructional staff charging a violation of the provisions of UWS 8 shall be submitted to the chancellor.

(1) Where the complaint is against a faculty member, the chancellor shall proceed under the provisions of UWPF 7.02-7.06.

(2) Where the complaint is against a member of the academic staff, the chancellor shall proceed under the provisions of UWPA 10.04.

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