Policy 38

University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Student Organizations Sponsoring Off-Campus Events
Policy #38

38.01 Background

A UW-Parkside student organization is expected to use University facilities whenever it is sponsoring an event (an occurrence which is officially sanctioned by the club or organization) or a meeting of its organization.  The use of University facilities increases accessibility of the event to all students, assures compliance with University guidelines, and assures availability of adequate supervision for the event.  The Parkside Student Center has been built for student use and is supported with student's segregated fees.  Therefore, student organizations should maximize the use of this facility.

38.02 Policy Waiver

A student organization may seek a waiver of the requirement that events be held on-campus by making a written request on the designated form submitted to the Student Activities office and the Director of Student Life.  The request should explain the reason(s) for seeking a waiver and should address the points listed in 38.02.01.  Each request for waiver will be considered on an individual basis.  The fact that a student organization has been granted a waiver in the past does not establish a precedent that other waivers will be granted.

38.02.01 A waiver may be granted if the following conditions are met:

  1. The student organization is locked into a certain date and there are no facilities available on campus to accommodate the organization; and/or,
  2. The student organization has special food or environmental requests that cannot be provided by the campus.  Environmental needs may include such elements as the infeasibility of the event being held on campus (e.g. a group trip to a sporting event such as a professional baseball game, a recreational trip such as campus or ski trip, or an educational field trip).

38.02.02 A faculty or staff advisor will be required to be in attendance at the event in order to assure proper supervision.  This requirement may be waived in appropriate circumstances.

38.02.03 After reviewing a request for waiver the Director for Student Life will either grant or deny the request.  In the event that a request for waiver is not granted within five days or is denied, the student organization may appeal the decision to the PSG Student Life Committee and Dean of Students.

38.02.04 Approval will be given for expenditure of funds for events which will be held off-campus only if the event has been approved prior to the request for expenditure of funds.  This policy does not apply to student attendance at professional or educational conferences or meetings hosted by non-campus organizations.

38.03 Policy Review

The Student Activities Office will review annually by November 15th and make recommendations to be reviewed by the Dean of Students and PSG Student Life Committee.  Recommendations for changes will be forwarded to the Chancellor's Cabinet for approval no later than March 1st.

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