Policy 49

University of Wisconsin-Parkside
University Event Security Policy
Policy #49

Statement of Purpose

It is the policy of the University of Wisconsin-Parkside to support student organizations and other members of the UW-P community in the presentation of events which further the educational mission of the University, provide opportunities for social growth and cultural understanding, and serve the recreational needs of the campus community.

The University Administration has the responsibility for taking reasonable precautions to protect the safety of the members of the campus community and their guests while attending a campus function. Therefore, the Student Life and University Police staff are charged with the responsibility for reviewing all events held in the Student Center to assure that they do not represent an unreasonable risk to participants, other members of the campus community, or University property. Accordingly, the review will determine the risk involved and liability incurred, and whether and under what conditions it is appropriate to hold the event on campus. If the event is appropriate for the campus, a level of security shall be established that assures the safety of people and the security of property.

Organizations presenting programs will be responsible for the planning and execution of the programs in a manner consistent with UW-Parkside Policies and Procedures. The sponsoring organizations will also be responsible for complying with all specific guidelines set for an event. Failure to comply with all conditions may result in an immediate termination of the event reservation. Sponsors of entertainment programs will be responsible for the cost of security at the event itself and any additional security which, due to the scheduling of the event, may be necessary to assure safety of persons and property throughout the Student Center and the campus.

Review Guidelines and Procedures

Organizations sponsoring programs should submit Event Reservation Forms as soon as the planning begins, and no later than fourteen days prior to the event.

Event reservation forms will be reviewed to determine whether and under what conditions the event can be held and the safety of persons or property assured. This review will normally be done within 72 hours, excluding weekends and holidays of the reservation form submission date, by the Student Center Director and Director of Student Activities.

The Event Admissions Committee will consist of:

  • Student Center Director,
  • President of the Parkside Student Center Advisory Board,
  • Representative from Parkside Student Government Association,
  • Chief of University Police and Public Safety,
  • Director of the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs,
  • Dean of Students, and
  • Student Center Student Manager (elected by student managers).

The sponsoring organization may request an appeal by the EAC, if the request is made at least four weeks prior to the date of the event.

The review will primarily include:

  1. type of event;

  2. size of event;

    1. under 75 persons expected
    2. 76-150 persons expected
    3. 151-300 persons expected
    4. over 300 persons expected 

  3. the intended audience:

    1. UW-P students only
    2. UW-P students and their guests (up to three per student), 18 years and older
    3. UW-P students and their guests who are 21 and older (up to three per student)
    4. UW-P students and persons 18 years and older
    5. UW-P students and persons 21 years and older
    6. any college student with a valid college I.D.
    7. UW-P students and other persons as specifically requested;
    8. general public; 

  4. the performers/entertainment, and any record that may exist of security problems that occurred at past performances or like events;

  5. a past history of problems, if any, at previous events sponsored by the organization;

  6. the advertising/promotional plan, and its consistency with the intended audience and type of event;

  7. the presence of alcoholic beverages at the event; and

  8. other factors which may contribute to the risk of safety, as determined by the Student Center Director, Director of Student Activities, Director of University police, or the Events Admissions Committee.

After reviewing the event, the Student Center Director and Director of Student Activities may accept or deny a reservation for the event and may, as a condition of acceptance set up additional conditions under which the event may be held. The Student Center Director, in consultation with Campus Police and Public Safety, will establish security staffing levels for the event. Security may consist of Student Life staff members, the organization's advisor, Student Center student managers and University Police and Public Safety staff.

If the organization disagrees with the decision of the Student Center Director, they may ask the Director to reconsider, or they may request that the decision be reviewed by the EAC.

Upon a request by the sponsoring organization, the EAC will review the reservation and make a recommendation. The Student Center Director may implement the recommendation, or refer the decision to the Chancellor for an administrative decision on admission and security.

The Senior Administrative Officers, Student Center Director or the EAC in consultation with University Police and Public Safety may require additional security at the sponsor's expense or cancel a scheduled event after approval if:

the organization provides incomplete, inaccurate or misleading information on the reservation form; a sponsoring group has failed to adhere to conditions for holding the event; or campus conditions make the likelihood of security problems greater than originally anticipated.

After an event has been held, the Student Center Director will receive and review reports from the Student Center student manager on duty and Campus Police and Public Safety. The Student Center Director may then adjust required security levels at future events, cancel future events or notify a sponsoring group that future reservations will not be accepted until assurances can be obtained that similar problems will not occur in the future. These decisions may be referred to the EAC for review.

The Student Center Director will call committee meetings and maintain records of committee action.

Enforcement of State Law and Campus Policy During a Campus Activity

University Police are authorized and expected to respond to all violations of state law and campus policy. In providing for the general welfare and safety of the university community and the public during an event, University Police are empowered to take appropriate police action to maintain law and order.

Security Risks Before or During a Campus Activity

In the event that unsafe conditions or security risks exist that are not of an immediate life-threatening nature, it is important for all parties to work together to reach agreement as to resolution of the problem. University Police, Student Activities, and, when appropriate, event sponsors, are expected to consult and to reach consensus on necessary action. This action could include elimination of the unsafe conditions, reduction of the security risk, or postponement or cancellation of an event. The Chancellor or his/her designee will make the final decision as to final disposition when mutual agreement cannot be reached.

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