Policy 50

University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Guest/Affiliated Accounts Policy Statement
Policy #50

Because mainframe computing and network access are limited resources the University of Wisconsin-Parkside will prioritize the provision of guest/affiliated accounts in the following order:

  1. Users who are currently enrolled in another UW campus but live in the Racine/Kenosha local area. They will be allowed capture accounts that will immediately connect them to their accounts on their home campus computer.

  2. Retired UW-Parkside employees. Retired UW employees from other UW institutions will be accorded the courtesy of a capture account to access their "home" computers.

  3. Faculty and staff of K-12 and those working in higher education in the Racine/Kenosha County area.

  4. Librarians who wish to become acquainted with Internet resources.

  5. People who are providing a recognized service to the university. These may be private citizens, business people, alumni or others.

Alumni may not receive guest accounts by virtue of the fact that they are alumni. Guest/affiliated accounts must be approved by the office of the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Information Services. Information Services will not provide network or mainframe training for guest/affiliated users.

The Assistant Vice Chancellor for Information Services reserves the right to terminate any guest/affiliated accounts if access to electronic resources are degraded from the university's principal users (faculty, staff and students). The AVC will notify guest/affiliated account holders in the event that their accounts are terminated.

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