Policy 62

University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Use of University Property by Faculty & Staff
Off of the University Of Wisconsin-Parkside Campus
Policy #62

  1. All property belonging to or in the custody of the University of Wisconsin-Parkside shall be maintained and kept on campus except for approved 'for loan' items (i.e., library books, portable computers, media services items, etc.).

  2. If University approved research or projects require that University property is to be used off campus, the faculty or staff member requesting the property will receive the approval of the department head in writing.

  3. The request for approval must include a detailed reason for the necessity of the equipment to be off campus. The request will specify where the property will be located. It shall also specify the period of time the property will be off campus. Physical security precautions are to be listed. (Request forms are available in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administrative and Fiscal Affairs.)

  4. If equipment used off campus needs repair or maintenance, the user will coordinate the repairs or maintenance with the lending department.

  5. All University property maintained or kept off campus will be completely inventoried and signed for before leaving the campus. Upon completion of the research or project, the property will be returned and again inventoried. Any shortages will be replaced or paid for.

  6. Property leaving the University of Wisconsin-Parkside campus will be listed with the Risk Management Office. If any damage or loss occurs, immediately call the policy and notify the University of Wisconsin-Parkside Risk Management Office with details of the occurrence. After a police report is issued, file the report with the Risk Management Office.

  7. If the individual who has signed for the property terminates their relationship with the University, all property will be returned and inventoried. Payment will be made for any damaged or lost property at that time.

  8. If University property is not returned, the individual who signed for the property will be subject to all criminal prosecution and civil relief as allowed by law.

  9. If University property is removed without prior approval by the department head, the property will be considered stolen and reported to the police and/or FBI as appropriate.
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