Policy 69

University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Policy on Annual Salary Savings & Budget Transfer Policy
Policy #69

The purpose of this policy is to identify and manage Funds 102, 105 and 114 (GPR) department savings and other changes in budget plans. These reallocations are for one year only and do not change the ongoing base budget of that department. This policy is necessary to generate funds for required budget savings, one-year project needs, and other unbudgeted and unforeseen campus needs.

Throughout the Fiscal Year:

  1. Departments are required to monitor departmental expenditures and not exceed department Salary, Supply, or Capital budgets.

  2. Budget transfers from Salary to Supply/Capital require the approval of the Budget Officer, the Vice Chancellor for Administrative & Fiscal Affairs or the Provost. Generally, approval is made for recruiting expenditures relating to vacant positions. Budget transfers within the same department/division from Supply/Capital to Salary, and budget transfers from one Salary classification to another within the same department/division require the approval of the Budget Officer.

  3. Department Directors will prepare Salary Savings reports, with the assistance of Business Services, for the first, second, and third quarters. The report will include any needs for LTE replacement, employee search expenses, etc. The Director will submit the Salary Savings/Needs report to the Vice Chancellor for Administrative & Fiscal Affairs, who will determine the salary savings budget transfers for each quarter.  

At the end of the Fiscal Year:

  1. Neither the Salary nor the Supply/Capital budget categories may be overspent at the department level without the approval of the Vice Chancellor for Administrative & Fiscal Affairs, the Provost, or the Chancellor.

  2. Purchase Orders which have been executed but not fulfilled in a fiscal year will automatically carryover to the next fiscal year for payment. 

  3. Fund 102 UW-System Grants, CRCA and FASPOF awards and Fund 114 Lab Mod balance for the current year only may carryover to the next fiscal year if the recipients submit a request in writing and make prior arrangements with the Budget Officer.

  4. Unspent Salary balances lapse to the campus unit-wide account. 

  5. If budget transfers have been made during the year from Salary to Supply/Capital, the total of those transfers is subtracted from the Supply/Capital balance. Departments then carryover 25% of their Supply/Capital balances. Requests for carryover of any remaining department Supply/Capital budget balances from one fiscal year to the next fiscal year are to be submitted in writing to the Vice Chancellor for Administrative & Fiscal Affairs by July 18th.

  6. Any remaining year-end department budget balances in Salaries, Supplies, Sales credits, or Capital that are not approved for carryover in the department budget will be carried over to the campus unit-wide account.

Revised July 2, 2006

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