Policy 74

University of Wisconsin-Parkside
University Sponsored Domestic Trip Policy
Policy #74

Domestic trips associated with UW-Parkside include those sponsored by the Student Center, the UW-Parkside Alumni Association, and those occurring within the Academic Affairs area. In terms of the collection and disbursement of funds, Student Center trips are centralized through the Information Center (Ranger Card Office) and Alumni though the Association. In Academic Affairs, by contrast, there exists a more dispersed pattern, with individual academic departments taking on some of this responsibility. This latter practice exposes the university to risk with regard to existing state regulations that govern such activities. Furthermore, because of the need for coordination with a wide number of university offices (e.g. Bursar, Financial Aid, Risk Management, Purchasing, etc.) this practice also can cause problems for both students and trip leaders.

The purpose of this document is to regularize practice with regard to domestic trips in Academic Affairs. Trips that occur within the College of Arts & Sciences and the School of Business and Technology must be associated with a course that is listed in the schedule of classes, and is offered for academic credit. The syllabus for these courses must identify learning outcomes for the travel experience. It is understood that not all participants have to register for academic credit, but may elect audit, no credit, or continuing education credit. All participants registering for the latter two options will do so through the Center for Community Partnerships, and the CCP will collect the appropriate fees.


The proposal must include trip details, including itinerary and costs, name of vendor, payment schedule, refund policy, cancellation deadline, anticipated number of participants, and method of expenditure (procurement card, check). The proposal approval sequence is: Instructor-Chair-Dean-Provost's Office.

Provost's Office will notify Dean, Chair and Instructor of approval, and then send information on approved trips to: Registrar, Bursar, Financial Aid, Purchasing, Risk Management, Controller, and CCP.


All monies collected for domestic trips for participants registered for academic credit or audit are assessed and collected through the Student Information Billing System in the Cashier's Office, and those fees must be indicated in the course schedule. Fees for Credit for Continuing Education or no credit registrants are collected through the CCP.

Trip leaders can be assured of the following: Business Services can handle advance deposits, cancellations, and refunds, and student financial aid also can be integrated; and, all payments for trips can be made through regular procurement procedures.


Better service to students through coordination of all relevant offices; permits tracking by student name; all monies are collected and disbursed in conformity with state regulations; appropriate risk management and insurance issues are ensured.

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